We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!

The junk car removal and wrecking industry have been in Chicago for many decades now,  longer than Total Car Collections has ever been in the business. But given that fact, it is kind of saddening to know that many people still do not understand many things about junk car removal services. Because of those misconceptions, even if the junk car removal Chicago market continues to grow more rapidly, there are still many car owners who end up letting their vehicles rust and rot on their premises.

As our commitment to educating more people about junk car removals, we are here to provide you a better understanding of what we, expert car wreckers Chicago, really do. So in no particular order, here are the top 5 things that people wrongly think about junk car removal services:

#1:  Old, rusted, and totally wrecked cars have no value.

They might have no value for buy-and-sell businessmen or used car dealers. But that isn’t the case when it comes to professional junk car buyers like us. ALL kind of cars is of value to us. Unlike them who take the value of the car as a whole, we take into account the value of each and every component of your car. So even if your car doesn’t work anymore, you will still get cash for it, no matter what.

#2:  Only specific models are accepted by reputable junk car removal companies.

Speaking for ourselves, Junk the Car accepts all models, all kinds, and all brands of cars. Because our company has grown so much over the decades, we are capable of accepting and taking in vehicles of shapes and sizes. We have all the space, the equipment, and the manpower we need to accommodate your unwanted cars.

#3:  Only the metal parts are useful to us after taking your cars.

While it is true that we take the metal parts and recycles them, which is not the only thing we do to your old and scrap cars. Like what we said, every part of your car – working or not working – is of value. We are also trusted used car parts suppliers in Chicago. That is why even the non-metal parts of your vehicle are sure to be put to good use. If we cannot see anything we can do anymore with a certain part because it’s in the worst condition, we will do everything to scrap and recycle them in order for it to be used in another way. Nothing will be put to waste.

#4:  Junk car removal is the same as car towing or hauling. 

Even if the words removal and hauling are synonymous, the operations and goals of these two businesses are totally different. For example, your car is seriously wrecked from the collision. When you opt for a car towing or hauling service, all they’ll do is take and transport your car to a storage facility or yard; then leave it at that. But for junk car removal services, taking your wrecked car is just the first of the many processes that come after.

#5:  Junk car removal services are expensive. 

There are people that might know all about the junk car removal and recycling processes we do. However, most of them think that because of these complicated operations are government-regulated and EPA-compliant, our services are expensive. Little do they know that legitimate companies like Total Car Collections provide this for free – no hidden charges. Instead of asking you for payment, we are the ones who will pay you for letting us take your beloved cars.

Should you wish to know more about our company and our services simply visit our website by clicking  Or, if you now wish to take advantage of our old and junk car removal services, you may speak with our friendly staff who are always ready to help with your needs; simply dial 800-455-4241.