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Trying to sell a crashed Car is difficult. Of the reasons is that car accidents are one of the most dreadful experiences a person can have in their lives. It can cause you physical harm and injuries that might take a long time to recover from. An inconsiderate or careless driver might cost you your life or, at the least, put a sizeable dent in your car and damage it. 


Add a thick stack of medical bills and legal paperwork to this situation, and you will be stuck in this incident for months. Suffering from an accident can be frightening, and the stress of owning a car damaged beyond repair adds to your tensions. 


We are here to tell you that your tension is now ours. You can sell crashed car to SellYour OldCarNow and get a fair price for it, too! 

Sell Crashed car with front and side damage

Why You Should Your Sell Crashed Car to a Professional Car Removal Company 


The decision to sell crashed car to a professional car removal company comes with its own advantages. In fact, it can be a better option for you in the long run. 


Hassle-Free Option

Putting your crashed car up for a private sale can be quite a headache. It involves advertising the car, giving specifications, fielding unlimited calls, and meeting with potential buyers who will never call back. Buyers can be picky and insolent and, more often than not, will end up using your time and energy for no reason. 


A professional car removal company can help you side-step all these problems by taking care of all the pick-up details, generally on the same day. 


Swift Payment

Your choice to sell crashed car to a car removal company can ensure a swift payment for your vehicle. The entire procedure is carried out quickly and efficiently.


You can usually get a free price estimate of your wrecked car. If you accept the price offer, the professional car removal company can make a full payment to you on the same day after picking the car up. 


No Additional Charges for Repairs

When you sell crashed car to a professional car removal service, you are not obligated to repair any damages caused to your car due to an accident. The whole purpose of a professional car removal company is to sell the car as it is. 


This means that even if your car is completely shot and not drivable, you will get money in exchange for selling it without having to set aside any extra money for repairs. 


Earn Bonus Cash

It is a given fact that a car that has been in a bad accident and is beyond repair will be of no further use to you. So why not sell it and earn extra money? And who doesn’t like a good bonus? 


Selling your crashed car to a car removal service can guarantee you some extra cash you can earn on the spot. Car removal companies evaluate the state of your car and provide you with a fair price. There are no additional pick-up charges, so you save money on that, as well. It’s the most instant cash-appealing offer you could hope to find. 


Gives You Extra Space

When you sell crashed car it can free up considerable space in your garage or parking area. Extra space is always beneficial for any property or home as it allows the owner to do something creative. Removing the old and damaged car will make your property look more organized and attractive, boosting your home’s curb appeal. 


The extra space can be converted into a studio space and become more aesthetically pleasing. It can also be used to park your brand-new car, which will be more affordable after you receive the payment for your crashed car. 


Quick and Efficient Service

Most reputed and professional car removal companies focus on making the entire process easier by providing quick and efficient service. The procedure to remove the car from your property is started almost immediately after you get the cash offer for the vehicle. 


The payment is made immediately after they come to pick your car up. The decision to sell crashed car can be made easy with a professional removal service that offers same-day and 24-hour towing options.


Better for the Environment

Being environmentally conscious is a responsibility that all should bear. As time passes, we need to become more aware of the repercussions the planet has to face due to our actions.


Hiring a professional car removal service for your crashed car disposal can be your small contribution to the environment as they dispose of it responsibly and eco-friendly.


Professional car removal services are specifically trained to responsibly dispose of car waste and parts.


How to Sell Crashed Car to a Professional Car Removal Company


The process to sell crashed car to a professional car removal company is relatively straightforward. Here are some tips for making this transaction even easier. 


  • Have all the information relevant to sell crashed car. Know the model, make, and condition of your vehicle before you contact a professional for your car removal. 
  • Only get in touch with reputed companies to avoid being scammed. Companies with bad online reviews and a bad reputation will not provide reasonable rates and can go back on their word. 
  • Ask the professional car removal company to provide a written agreement stating the offer price, the pick-up date, and the name of the person doing the pick-up. 
  • Schedule a pick-up time beforehand based on your convenience so that you can be prepared on the pick-up day. 
  • Look for a car removal service that is close to your location. Car removal companies that are miles away tend to adjust the cost of their mileage and gas into the price they offer for your car. 


Sell Crashed Car at the Perfect Price to SellYourOldCarNow

SellYourOldCarNow provides the best rates and deals for your crashed car. We make it a point to deliver quality service to our customers in the most hassle-free way so that they are satisfied. 


The service that we offer is entirely free. There are no added charges for you with regard to towing or pick-up. Believe us; this will be the fastest way that you will ever get rid of a crashed car. 


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