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Read On To Find Out A Blown Head Gasket – Symptoms & Repair Costs

We all are familiar with the term “a blown head gasket.” But what does it mean? To learn about a blown head gasket, we first need to understand “what is a head gasket?”
The head gasket is the engine’s gasket that is a seal between the cylinder heads and the engine block. It blocks coolant, oil, and compression into separate compartments. These fluids will cause problems in their associated systems.
A leak in the head gasket is usually known as a “blown head gasket.”
One of the most severe issues is a blown head gasket encountered by drivers. Let’s quickly identify these symptoms and get your vehicle back on the road.

Following are the Seven Most Common Symptoms Of A Blown Head Gasket

  • White-Colored Smoke from the Exhaust 

If a blown head gasket allows coolant to enter one or more of an engine’s cylinders, a white exhaust smoke is likely to be noticed. This is a byproduct of coolant burnt during downstream travel and combustion through a vehicle’s exhaust system.

car blowing white smoke


  • Continual Coolant Loss

If you see your car is losing coolant consistently, without any visible leaks, there is a fair possibility that your engine’s head gasket is to blame. The coolant often burns without ever being visually expelled due to the internal nature of a blown head gasket.

car coolant leaking

  • Bubbling In Cooling System

A slow, steady coolant bubbling within a surge tank or vehicle’s radiator is often a symptom of ill-directed combustion gases. You can easily use a specialized combustion gas detector to confirm such a condition.

  • Milky Color Coolant

The engine oil plays a vital role by lubricating many essential parts in the engine compartment. Oil and water never go together; if they blend, they will produce a milky-colored foamy liquid.
This unwanted mixture of oil and coolant will mean the lubrication properties of the engine oil become almost non-existent.
The milky white liquid produced by oil that leaks into the coolant system can be noticed in radiator caps. You can also see bubbles in the overflow tank.

  • External Oil/Coolant Leaks

A blown head gasket can cause a visual oil leak in certain instances. This leak will be at the mating point between an engine’s block and the cylinder head. In rare cases, you can also see tiny bubbles in leaking fluids.

car repair

  • Overheating of the Engine 

The most typical sign of a blown gasket is engine overheating. The coolant leaks into the combustion chamber and evaporates from the exhaust, resulting in quick depletion of the coolant.
The engine grows to overheat due to the unavailability of the coolant. Shortage of coolant isn’t the only cause this might occur; a blown head gasket will also result in less efficient power generation, building more heat.

  • Engine Knocking

In more severe cases, engine knocking occurs due to the loss of a substantial amount of compression from the engine.
When standing still, you will also notice a rough idle. The engine might stall due to conflict between non-lubricated moving parts, resulting in permanent damage.

Blown Head Gasket Repair Cost

A blown gasket repair is one of the most expensive car repairs. The high price range is because of the position of the head gasket in the engine compartment. Because of its central location, the engine must be dismantled, which can take many hours, so the repair is very labor-intensive.
The job is not one for an amateur mechanic, nor an average one. Because of this, we advise taking your car to a professional if you doubt it has a blown gasket.
A new head gasket will cost you $100 to $200. The labor charge depends upon your car’s model. You can expect to pay between $900 to $1500 in labor charges.

Is it even worth fixing a Blown Head Gasket?

Repairing a blown gasket is a significant auto restoration. Since you have to dismantle the top half of the engine, it takes two to three days to replace a blown gasket. A bad head gasket can signal that your car may need more important repairs soon.

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