We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!

The answer is yes! You might wonder, how can a damaged car, which is useless be of any value? The reality is, that many buyers are willing to pay top dollar for a damaged car. So you can sell non-working cars quite easily & without any hassle. They may either be individual buyers who are facing a budget crunch, or they may be professional junkyard buyers who are interested in the metal part of your car. Whichever option you choose, it will still be better than keeping your car useless in your garage. Selling a damaged car for cash will not only relieve you from all the pains but will also provide you with enough gains.

How can I extract maximum value when I sell a non-running car?

sell non-working cars

Buyer’s evaluation

It’s important to be sure of the credibility of the buyer with whom you are making the transaction. Professional buyers tend to pay you the best value for your car. Scammers, on the other hand, are looking for opportunities to dupe you. For evaluating the credibility of the buyer, you will have to carefully scan their profile and read online reviews.

Market research on how to sell non-working cars

Having prior knowledge always helps. It helps you in the negotiation process. You need to be well informed about the process to sell non-working cars. This will help you in preparing in advance for all the manipulations and negotiations of the buyers. Eventually, you will end up cracking a profitable deal.

Negotiation with the buyers

Once you have an idea about the market for used cars, you can estimate the value of your car. You must then put the selling price slightly higher than its actual value to provide you with a margin to negotiate.

Preparing in advance

Before you sell a non-working car, make sure you have all the documents ready including the title, warranty card, service records, insurance premiums, etc. Also, you must make sure that your car is properly washed and cleaned before you show it to the buyer for inspection.

Accepting cash payment

Once the deal to sell a damaged car for cash has been finalized, make sure that the buyer pays you the entire amount on spot. The mode of the payment must be cash. If the buyer insists on partial payment, don’t agree to his demands. Such buyers seldom show up in the future and would be left frustrated with partial money.

Informing insurance company

Once you have handed over your car to the buyer, you will have to inform your insurance company about the sale. This way, they will be able to cancel all your future insurance premiums and relieve you of your liabilities. In the same way, you must also inform the local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration as the car now belongs to the buyer.

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