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Starting your day with a car that doesn’t start can be frustrating, especially if you are late for work or school. Many components determine why you cannot start your car when you turn it ON. The most common reason for the unfortunate event is a car battery draining overnight.

A car battery is accountable for sending power to the motor to start the engine. If your car battery drains overnight, it will not supply sufficient power for ignition.

However, a drained battery does not mean it’s time for a replacement. These simple steps can fix various causes of a car battery draining overnight.

The 5 Possible Causes For A Car Battery Draining Overnight

Cause 1: Car Components Left Open

man in trouble with his broken car

Human blunders are among the most common causes of a car battery draining overnight. We sometimes fail to turn off a car component as we leave since we are already tired from work or school. We don’t realize that we have left the headlights ON, especially during the daytime, when it is almost impossible to see them.

While the engine is turned off, leaving a car component open will cause your car battery to drain overnight. However, many cars nowadays have an alert system that tells you that you have left things open before leaving your vehicle.

Cause 2: The Parasitic Drain

car drain

Parasitic drain is another common cause of a car battery draining overnight. Even after shutting the engine off, it continues to discharge the battery.

The clock and anti-theft features are some car components that still get power from the engine even if it is turned off. Therefore this is when parasitic drain occurs.

Parasitic drain can result from various factors:

  1. Leaving headlights ON overnight
  2. Glove box lights ON overnight
  3. Cabin lights ON overnight
  4. Defective fuses and poor installation of a new car battery.

Cause 3: Extreme Temperature

car engine overheating

Extreme temperatures can affect your car battery. Leaving your car in the cold for longer will cause the chemical reactions in the battery to stop completely.

Whereas hot weather also affects your car battery. A very high temperature will evaporate the battery’s chemical resulting in a quick drain. As a result, you should keep your car in a well-conditioned room if you reside in a place with extreme temperatures.

Cause 4: Faulty Alternator

car alternator

Automobiles have alternators installed that give power to the electrical system once you turn ON the engine. The function of an alternator is to charge the battery after ignition. A defective alternator results in the car battery draining overnight due to improper charging.

Driving your car for short distances is a reason for draining the battery. An alternator requires some time to charge your car battery after ignition. Short trips harm your car battery. Leave your car running for 10 minutes after a quick trip to prevent the car battery from draining overnight.

Cause 5: Age

rusty old car

If your car battery needs replacement, it will constantly drain overnight, even after several charges. Car batteries are almost similar to cell phone batteries. Like, your cellphone battery will lose power faster over time than when you first bought it, a car battery can also start getting discharged faster which means it is ready to be replaced.

On average, your car battery is due for replacement every three to four years. Some may even run for five to six years. It entirely depends on the usage and how many accessories you have installed in your car.

Driving your car for more than the expected shelf life will only result in your car battery draining overnight.

How to Keep Your Car Battery From Dying Overnight?

It’s a fact that every single battery dies eventually, but the key to extending the life of your car’s battery is to maintain it properly. If your car battery is draining overnight, there’s a good chance that the ultimate lifespan of the battery is short.

Ensure the battery connections are tight and secure and do not allow the electrolyte to drop. Taking care of all these elements can help your battery last much longer.

How Can You Sell Your Old Car to Get Rid of the Problem of Your Car Battery Draining Overnight?

If you wish to sell your car with a draining engine, sell it to “Sell Your Old Car Now.”  It’s the smarter option and replacing your car engine every 3-4 years is quite expensive.

Follow these simple steps to sell a car and avoid unwanted replacement costs.

Step 1: Contact Us

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Step 2: Set A Price

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Step 3: Payment And Pick-up

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With the last step, we will tow your car as it is, and the sale is complete.