A cracked engine block is rare but a pretty tricky situation. You ideally want to avoid it at all costs by taking good care of your car.

So, what do you do if you find a cracked engine block or think your vehicle has one? Does it harm the performance of the car? How much does it cost to repair?

You will find all the answers to your questions in this article. Without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into the issue.

What is a Cracked Engine Block?

You can already guess that a cracked engine block isn’t good, even if you aren’t a mechanic. A cracked block is a significant problem that can be extremely expensive to repair in some cases. But how do you recognize the signs?

However, it’s essential to know what an engine block is. An engine block is a solid metal made from aluminum or high-quality iron. Inside the engine block are perfectly round and smooth cylinders that enable pistons to move up and down with little friction.

Symptoms of a Cracked Engine Block

How to be sure if your car’s engine block has cracked? When we speak of an engine block that has “cracked,” we usually refer to the outside of the block carrying the oil and coolant.

A qualified mechanic can surely tell you after a proper diagnosis, but here are a few symptoms you might notice. If you start to observe any of these things, you should get your car immediately checked to avoid additional damage as much as possible.

  • Overheating-


Engine blocks tend to crack due to overheating. They develop hairline cracks that lead to oil and coolant leaking or mixing.

When your engine block cracks, it can block the coolant in your car’s cooling system from circulating correctly. If it is not circulating properly, it will not remove the heat from your engine, and your engine and car can be at risk of overheating. Overheating can signal a lousy radiator, but it is also a sign of a cracked engine block.

You must regularly check your coolant and oil levels and top up if necessary. Regular checks will keep your engine cool, lubricated, and sludge-free. Never drive your vehicle with the engine overheating. If you notice any signs, go ahead and get them checked.

  • Oil Leaks-

The crack in an engine block can be external, meaning the coolant or oils can leak outside the engine. Cracks in the engine block can also occur internally between the oil galleries and the coolant passages, causing the oil and antifreeze to mix.

Fluid leaking from your engine may barely be noticeable initially, but it gradually worsens over time.

  • Mixing Of Coolant and Engine Oil-

Your engine coolant (antifreeze) and engine oil should not mix. The passageways inside the engine usually keep these two fluids separate.

However, the coolant can leak from different points in the system. For example, the clamps, the rubber hoses, the radiator, and the water pump are some of the most common leak points.

You should check the coolant level regularly and top it up with a suitable coolant. Keep in mind to prevent if the temperature continues to rise when you next run your car. If it does, you could have significant problems brewing underneath the hood.

  • Smoke From Under The Hood

If you see smoke coming from your engine bay, then make sure to get your car checked out. If oil is leaking from your block, it will generate smoke.

When the leaking oil drips onto hot exhaust parts, it produces an oily, blue smoke as it gets too hot. This can develop into a severe problem if left unaddressed.

If you see smoke coming up from under the hood, do not open it! Switch off the engine and wait. You may be able to establish that it’s oil from a cracked engine block.

  • Poor Engine Performance

Cracked Engine Block Symptoms & Repair Costs

You might observe poor engine performance when you have a cracked block. If the crack is inside a cylinder wall, your engine will lose compression. Low engine compression leads to big engine problems and can cause your car to run poorly!

Taking time to address the problem can lead to bent pistons, warped pistons, or complete engine failure.

How to Repair a Cracked Engine Block?

How to Repair a Cracked Engine Block

Many think about fixing a cracked engine block. Well, it’s not something you can take on yourself, as only a qualified mechanic should do it. Welding is standard. The mechanic removes the engine and disassembles it to find the crack. He can then weld the crack, grind it back smoothly, and reassemble the machine.

Another option for repairing an engine block is cold metal stitching. It is done at cooler temperatures. People tend to go through intricate metal stitching when welding is not an option. Some argue that it is not as effective as welding but can be a good choice.

Finally, a block sealant can look after a minor crack. These sealants can be placed into your vehicle’s oil filler neck so you can repair it yourself. These sealers are inexpensive and can be a good option if you need an affordable repair. However, their use is limited and will not fix a significant crack.

Cracked Engine Block Repair Cost

How much will you think it will cost to repair the cracked engine block?

Unfortunately, it will is quite expensive. Fixing a broken or cracked engine block can cost approximately $1,000 to $3,000.

Sometimes, a repair is not even an option; instead, you might need a new engine. If the motor is required to be replaced, your bill will go even higher. In that case, you may need to pay somewhere between $2,500 to $4,500. For newer cars, the charge could be as high as $9,000 to $11,000!

The reason behind the high amount is the complexity of the repair. A qualified mechanic usually takes 20 to 40 hours to perform this repair. If you continue driving your car and cause further damage, you might need additional engine parts replaced.

Is It Worth Fixing a Cracked Engine Block?

Fixing a Cracked Engine Block

It all depends on the value and age of your car. If your vehicle still has life left, you can opt to repair it. However, fixing an old car with other problems is not worth the money. It would likely be a better option to sell the vehicle and buy yourself a new one in better condition.

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Since scrap cars hold a high price in the market, this might be a good idea. If you see any symptoms of a blocked engine, you should always stop driving your car and let a mechanic check it out.

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