We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!


Here at Junk the Car, we take great pains to ensure that when we buy junk cars, the process is as streamlined as possible. It is for this reason that we have come up with this FAQs section so that anyone who calls us and says “help me sell my junk car” will have quick answers to the more pressing questions they might have.

If you call us and say “I want to sell my junk car“, we will make sure to pick it up so that you need not do any work. It is a good idea for you to be there for the pick-up so you can meet with our representative. This way, you and the rep can have a chat and manage all the paperwork for the transaction. You will also want to be there to receive the cash yourself. But if you want, you can arrange for the car to be picked up from a designated spot with the documentation inside the vehicle. Just call us at 954-913-0008 and tell us your preference.

We buy junk cars and pay good money for them. That is all we do and there are no underhanded tactics to scam you out of your money. We have been in the business for 20 years and we are bonded and licensed by the Better Business Bureau. In fact, we have an A+ rating. We make sure that our staff are trained to handle all customer complaints and challenges. However, we know that there are scammers out there and we welcome any further questions to verify our legitimacy as a business. Just call us at 954-913-0008 so we can talk and answer your questions. When we buy junk cars, we make sure the process is easy and transparent so you know what is happening at all times.

For such cases, we say it is better to call on the local authorities first so you know the steps you can take. In some states, we do pick up such cars so give us a call first before you sell any car.

The car title has to be transferred to your name and not just signed in the back. We can talk to you about this process when you give us a call.

We need the car title for the transaction to succeed. You can easily get a certified copy of your title from the motor vehicle department in your state. While waiting, you can call us at 954-913-0008 so you can get a free quote for your car.

It really depends on a lot of different factors such as the model, brand, history, truck and car worth. We also check on the daily value of scrap metal to come to a price. Rest assured that we will give you the best rates we can come up with.

When we buy junk cars, we normally pick them up within 24-48 hours.
When the rep comes over to pick up or tow the car for free, we will pay you on the spot after assessment.
If your car is to be scrapped, you do not need them. However, we encourage you to have them since they impact the value of the car.

We buy all and in any condition! Call us at 954-913-0008 so we can make you an offer.

We buy any car and guarantee the excellent level of service and highest payout. If you are asking, “what is my car worth?” please give us a call at 954-913-0008 today.