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Easy Cash for Junk Vehicles

how to sell damaged car

In the field of buying and selling old cars, Junk the Car has made a name for itself. With our network of 400-plus offices across America, we are proud to maintain a consistent car-buying service, and quick, easy, and reasonable rates for pretty much all types of outdated autos, SUVs, trucks, and any other kind of junk vehicles. The company has been around for the past three decades. We cater to all customers, especially those who can’t find the right buyer or place for their wrecked cars.

Junk the Car Then and Now

Since we started in this field roughly 30 years ago, a great number of new companies and competitors have joined this industry. But even with these rivals, our client list keeps getting longer. And through our long experience, we have learned how to deal with the market and how to address the needs of potential or hesitant clients. We understand your need and frustration so we created an easy system to get rid of your old car. Whether you’re looking for ways to dispose of junk cars in Fort Lauderdale in Florida or in Houston, Texas, we are just a call or email away. Check out how easy we can get down to business in the steps below:

1. Say Goodbye to Your Car

Get ready to bid your old car goodbye with our smooth and hassle-free system. Through our website, we provide clients with a basic online form to get started. All you need is to do is input all the required information about your damaged vehicle. Once you submit the form, we’ll take it from there.

2. You, Will, Receive a Price Quotation

After submitting the necessary information needed to assess your vehicle, we will immediately send you a reply with the best quote for your vehicle. If you find the rate acceptable, we will schedule an appointment with you so one of our agents can physically assess your car. Before, during, and even after the scheduled appointment, if you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer your queries and concerns. Once the assessment is done, we’ll take your old car from you, free tow and all. Most importantly, you’ll receive your payment.

3. Consider Your Dilemma Handled

You can stop searching the web for ways to dispose of junk cars in Margate, Florida or from any place in the US. With Junk the Car, your dilemma will be taken care of. We accept all kinds of damaged cars – wrecked, smashed, outdated, unmoving, and even burnt. Pick up the phone now and contact us at 800-455-4241. You may also reach us at

We buy anything. Sell Your Car in Florida, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas for cash today.