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Do you know that usually places that buy junk cars recycle these cars in order to make new cars? A junk car is a source of raw material for the companies. It is not at all easy for the junk car sellers to evaluate a fair price for their cars as they usually are inexperienced. Even if the car owners put a lot of effort into calculating the car value by adding the cost of the amount of raw material in the car and its parts then also they might end up getting very low-value deals for their cars. There are many factors that affect the junk car selling price which the owners are not usually aware of.

Let us discuss each of these factors one by one:

  1. Price of scrap metal:

    No matter whether you sell your junk car to a junkyard or to some other places that buy junk cars, in the end, the car is dismantled and is recycled to make new products. The metal present in cars such as steel is shipped to many places around the world this is why the price of the metal depends on the condition of the world’s economy. Metal rates also depend on the requirement and supply of metal. This is why the places that buy junk cars pay their clients for their junk cars taking this factor into consideration.

  2. Labor intensiveness of draining and stripping process: 

    This factor plays a very crucial role when you are selling your car to a junkyard. The junkyards have nothing to do with the valuable car parts you have in your car. You only get paid for the amount of metal present in your car. The whole process of crushing the car after draining all its fluids is quite labor-intensive. If a lot of labor is required for draining and stripping off your vehicle then you may be offered even less money by the junkyard. 

  3. Transportation cost:

    When your car is in the junk category then it is quite likely that your car is in non-working condition.  For selling it to the places that buy junk cars you either need to take your vehicle there or you can ask your buyer to pick up your junk car. If your location is quite far away from the local junk car buyer you choose and you ask for a pick up then they might charge you extra for transportation costs. This will thereby reduce the selling price when you try to junk a car for cash

  4. The deteriorated condition of the car parts:

    Sometimes people do not want to junk a car for cash as deep down somewhere in their heart they think that they will restore their vehicle or they might want a dream buyer who is willing to pay the value of their choice for their junk car. There can be different reasons for not selling a junk car but the truth is the longer you keep your junk at your house, the more its condition is going to depreciate. So, when you know that your car has become a piece of junk it is better to approach the places that buy junk cars at the earliest, otherwise, the selling price of the car is also going to depreciate as the condition of the car does.

Cash for junk cars: Factors that affect the junk car selling price

Questions usually asked by the places that buy junk cars from the sellers

To evaluate and provide the seller with the quote for the car they want to junk for cash the junk car buying companies usually ask some questions. These questions are about:

  • The make, model and year of the car
  • The details about the condition of the car
  • The car is in working or non-working condition
  • Location of the seller

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