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Forget parting out, trading or doing anything else with your junk car. Just scrap it! Turning your old, unreliable vehicle into a scrap is usually the best option. It sounds inefficient but it’s the complete opposite. Given below are some of the premier reasons for selling your junk car.

Being environmental friendly – Due to lack of technological innovations in the past car manufacturers weren’t earth conscious. Scrapping an old car can give you means to buy a car that’s easy on the environment. In term, you might even be eligible for rebates and tax savings.

By law, it’s necessary to keep the paperwork handy. If that’s not the case, however, then you are forced with the only logical option that is junking your old car. Or at times the vehicle may be damaged beyond repair. Thus, junking your car is the only option.

The single most important reason for junking your car is MONEY! Here are the many reasons a person should junk an old, unreliable car rather than do anything else.

Why Scrapping an Old Car Makes the Most Sense

The harsh reality of an old car is that most of the time it won’t become a vintage. Even if your car were to become a vintage, the return on investment would be terrible. Let’s say, instead of scrapping the car, you keep it. The most you could ever get out of your old car would be double its cost(taking into account inflation). If history is a means of learning, that double MSRP price will likely come about 50 years later. A $10,000 car may fetch $20,000 in 50 years. Which is an that simply isn’t worth it!

Let’s say instead you took $ 500 for your scrap car. Had you invested that $ 250 in stocks within the S&P 250, that money in 50 years would be worth $92,282.45 (using the S&P 500’s historical rate of return at about 11%)? Of course, there will be taxes, and inflation etc. But that’s true of any investment. Now all of a sudden $92,282.45 looks a lot better than $20,000. Especially since a car needs to be stored, insured, restored, and maintained! Keeping your car in hopes it’ll become a vintage is an unwise gamble.

You could try to trade-in the car at a dealership. Keeping in mind, the dealer needs to make a profit as well. That means a dealership can never offer you a car’s true value. Whereas, with a junk dealer, they can give you just under its actual value. Since there’s no reselling, a junk dealer has little overhead. Trading in a damaged or junk car is never the best option for getting the most money.

One tempting option on the route to junking your car is to part it out. It’s a shame to junk an entire car if there are some good parts left, right? However, time is money in the twenty-first century. And parting out a car takes a substantial amount!

First, you have to assess the car to see what parts qualify in terms of value. Next, you have to take off said parts. After that, you need to clean, photograph, store them, and determine where to sell the parts. Sure, Craigslist is easy but will that bring the most money? A specialist forum, perhaps? Choices, and more choices…

Once you decide where to sell, you will have to write a ravishing sales pitch for each of the shortlisted part. To get the most money you have to get the description right. Then comes the part where you have to decide the prices and negotiation terms. At times shipping also plays a part. In short, parting out a car is multiple week projects. Are you willing to take time away from your job for a task that doesn’t guarantee returns? That doesn’t really make sense. Your time is better spent making more money on the job. Even if you don’t have a jobless, it would make more sensical to get one than parting out with your old car.

Let’s junk the car.

Although junking your car is your most rewarding and easiest option, it still takes energy. The process for junking a vehicle varies greatly from one company to another, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Nonetheless, here’s what one can expect:

Here Are a Few Questions to Ask Any Junk Yard:

-Will stripping the car of its nonmetal parts increase your offer price?

How do I get paid?

How much will I get paid?

Do you charge for pickup?

Most Common Questions Junk Car Owners Receive:

Is the vehicle in a working condition?

If any major parts are damaged, what are they?

Do you have the paperwork’s ready for the vehicle?

Remember to Look Online for Scrap Buyers!!!

Selling a junk/damaged car online sounds crazy? But the reality is, it’s not. Although you may be wondering about the works that maybe, it’s easier than it sounds. In fact, junking your car through an online program is likely the easiest, fastest, and most lucrative way of earning top dollars.

Online scrappers often have a much-automated way of doing things. Also, the online junk car buyers provide optimum customer service as a means of staying in the competition. It makes the whole experience of getting rid of your old car a lot friendlier.

The price you receive is fair and accurate online as the junkyards that buy cars through the medium of the internet are far bigger companies than your backyard junk lot. There’s none of that… “You better catch Bob on a good day if you want a good price.”

Final Thoughts on Getting Top Dollars for Your Junk Car:

Selling a car for junk is usually the best option for people. It’s easy. It nets the most money. However, selling to local scrap yards can be a hassle. We recommend seeking out online scrappers. They offer fair prices, with instant payment, and some will even give you a pickup.

If you are looking for places that buy junk cars for top dollars than at With an instant quote and instant cash, there’s nothing really you could have asked for your beloved old car!

Time to sell that piece of metal!

Now, which one would be your next one?