Cars that no longer work can consume a significant amount of space in your garage and life. There are even restrictions regarding the presence of junk vehicles in residential areas in some cities. Even though your vehicle does not function any longer, selling such vehicles can help you earn some cash that can help you to pay off bills or add to your savings and are also a great way to clear up space.
At JunktheCar, we pay cash for Junk cars, even if your car does not operate. We have purchased vehicles in a wide variety of conditions, which makes us the experienced junk car buyers in the whole USA. Your car can be worthier as scrap Junkthecar.
Our company pays Enough Cash for your Junk Car – we know the real value of the material and parts
Many people simply do not know what else to do with their junk car so they often hold on to older vehicles. In some cases, you might have a car that needs repairs which would exceed the value of the vehicle itself so it is better for both your financial needs and the environment to recycle your car when it is old or damaged.
Selling an old unwanted car is also a great way to take part in the green revolution that is sweeping across the country. You can get rid of a vehicle that is both unsightly as well as potentially dangerous to the environment by selling your old clunker. You can even use the extra money to buy something you need or make a contribution to your favorite charity from the sale of your old junk car.

No car is junk for us…

One of the great perks about Junkthecar is that no car can be bad enough for us. Regardless of the year of manufacturing or the level of damage, we will be able to collect your car and give you something in return.
Another best part of selling your vehicle to Junkthecar is that you don’t need to worry about delivering the vehicle. We pick the vehicle up ahead of time and make all of the arrangements. Our expert appraisers will evaluate your car and hand you cash before towing it away to the scrap yard. Since we recycle vehicles ourselves so we are able to offer you a reasonable amount of exchange.
Whatever might be your reason for selling your old vehicle, at Junkthecar, we are ready and willing to assist you in converting your old car into quick cash. Give us a call today at 800-455- 4241 or visit for more information.