We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!

Making money out of damaged cars! Doesn’t it sound absurd? Especially when you have been contemplating dumping it somewhere. How can a car with no worth even fetch you a single dollar? Well, you might be surprised to know that your damaged car is far more valuable than you could imagine. A damage that might be worthless for you may be gold for someone else. And that someone else is a junkyard owner. They buy your damaged car for cash, dismantle it, remove the metal parts and that’s what gold for them. The heavier your car, the higher will be its value. So, how will you turn your damaged car into money? The first step will be to locate and identify junkyard shops. For that, you will either have to visit the shops in person or post an online ad of your damaged car. The latter option is a lot more convenient. All you will be required is to register yourself on an online commerce platform and add a little description of your car. In a while, your inbox will be flooded with messages of quotes. If you dare to add your number also, be ready to hear your phone ring continuously. Sell your non-working cars now!

Ways to extract the best value for a damaged car

As discussed above, selling your damaged car for cash to a junkyard owner may help you earn top dollar. However, earning money is no joke. You will have to put some serious effort. Here are some of the tips for attaining the best value for our damaged car:

  1. Careful evaluation of the buyers and the offers:  Always make sure that the buyer with whom you are making the deal is genuine and professional. Dealing with strangers can be very dangerous. However, if a buyer is well-known in the market, there is a low probability that he may dupe you.
  2. Prior market research on damaged cars: For a first-time seller, you must be very well informed about the market on damaged cars. Usually, the owners tend to hurry and do not put much effort into acquiring knowledge. However, during the negotiation process they find themselves clueless and end up accepting low offers.
  3. Proper communication with the buyers: The buyer is very experienced, and may try to manipulate you. Ask every question and make all the terms and conditions very clear. This will prevent any kind of confusion in the future.
  4. Getting the documents ready: Before you enter into the negotiation to sell a non-working cars, make sure that you are ready with all the documents. If you skip this step, you might be stuck in the middle of the transaction process due to pending formalities. These documents may include the title of your car, the service records, warranty cards, etc. The process to sell non-running cars might not require you to submit all the documents, but you never know the terms and conditions of the buyer. As such, it’s always better to play safe.
  5. Asking the buyers to pay the amount in cash: Once the deal is finalized, the buyer will pay you the amount either in the form of cash or some other method. Experts recommend payment in the form of cash as it does not contain any complexities. Moreover, ask the buyer to pay you the entire amount on the spot. Even if the buyer insists, keep the firm on full payment.
  6. Informing your insurance company about the sale: While you may wonder why it is even necessary to inform your insurance company about selling your damaged car for cash, you tend to forget that you still owe them regular premiums. How on earth will an insurance company come to know that it has to cancel your premiums? The responsibility of your car now rests with the buyer. Therefore, you must ask your insurance company to relieve you of the premiums. Besides, you must also inform your local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration.

Just follow these steps and we ensure that you will end up getting top dollar for your damaged car. If you wish to earn top dollar by selling a damaged car for cash, then you must consider contacting, as they would offer you the best prices for it. The company is highly reputed across the United States and offers high-quality services to its clients.