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Selling car for scrap is very simple as you don’t have to follow all the formalities as in selling a car second hand. However, the whole process can get frustrating if you don’t plan in advance and prepare your documents including title, registration, service records, etc. You will be needing essentials including a local phone directory, driving license, good research acumen, and negotiating skills. You will also need to contact your local junkyard owners for getting quotes. You can also post an online ad and get access to a larger pool of potential buyers. You will also need to add a description of your car including its make, model, mileage, etc. If you want to get the best value for money for your car, you need to adhere to the following steps.

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Steps to sell the car for scrap

  1. Contacting potential junkyards: You can find the contact of local junkyards on yellow pages or physically visit their shops. You can also post an online advertisement describing the specifications of your car including its make, model, year of purchase and mileage. You can also upload pictures of your car to attract more buyers.
  2. Receiving buying offers: If junkyards are interested in buying your car for scrap, they will send a quotation or contact you on the phone. Do not accept offers from junkyards who ask you to bring your car to their shop. It will only add to your costs.
  3. Comparing offers and costs: You must communicate with multiple buyers for getting quotes to choose from.
  4. Preparing the vehicle: You must clean your vehicle both from inside and outside before the buyer visits you for inspection. If possible, try to polish your car with wax and remove light scratches. Also, ensure that you have not left any personal belongings or accessories in the car. Always check back of the seat cover, glove compartment and center console for confirmation.
  5. Preparing the documents: Get your title ready before the buyer arrives and most of them turned off if don’t find the required documents. If you have misplaced or lost your title, contact your department of the motor vehicle for replacement. You will also need to show past service and maintenance records of your car to the buyer.
  6. Delivering the vehicle: Usually, junkyard shops offer to pick up services, but if any buyer asks you to deliver your vehicle on your own, then either increase your price or reject their offer. Driving your car all the way to the junkyard shop will only add to your cost and extra effort.
  7. Selling the vehicle: Always ask for complete payment before you hand over your car to the buyer. Do not accept any offer involving payment through installments or delayed payments. In case the buyer is offering you a check, do remember to check their credentials. If the buyers are giving some offer for a lesser amount of money, do not accept it. Such offers are usually provided by scammers in order to dupe the sellers.
  8. Checking on title transfer: Contact your local department of a motor vehicle to within one week of the transaction to ensure that your title has been transferred. Also, ensure that your registration has been canceled; otherwise you will be responsible for any mishap experienced by the buyer.

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