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If you have a preconceived notion that earning top dollar by selling a damaged car for cash, then you can sit back and relax. Many buyers would be willing to provide good value if you are ready to sell non-working cars. And if you still wonder how much earning you will make, then you can assure yourself and damaged cars are still of worth for junkyard owners who are interested in meeting their parts and using them to produce new products. Moreover, since little paperwork is required, the process is almost hassled free and saves your precious time and effort.

Guidelines to earn top dollar by selling a damaged car for cash

  1. Properly evaluated the credibility of the buyers: Since you don’t have much information about the buyer, you must not rush into the process to sell non-running cars. Being hasty can land you in trouble. You must first evaluate the credibility of the buyers by visiting their website, going through their description, and scanning the client’s reviews.
  2. Get prior knowledge on the market for damaged cars: If you enter the battlefield without proper armor, you are destined to lose the battle. The same concept holds while selling a damaged car for cash. Usually, the owners do not have any prior experience and as a result, they need to do some research which will equip them with the basic understanding and help them in negotiating with the buyers.
  3. Intelligently negotiate on the price: The art of negotiation cannot be taught; it stems from your instincts. However, if you have a thorough knowledge of the industry, then you would be better prepared to convince the buyers. Most of the owners tend to put their selling price slightly higher than their expectations. This provides them with a margin to negotiate.
  4. Be prepared with all the necessary documentation: You must gather all your important documents before you sell your damaged car for cash as you would require them during the negotiation. If the buyer knows that you are well prepared, they will take your proposal seriously and will readily accept your demands.
  5. Ask the buyer to pay the amount in cash: Before you complete the process to sell non-running cars, do remember to ask the buyer to pay you the entire amount in the form of cash. Sometimes, the buyers tend to offer partial payment. Since the owner is in a hurry to sell non-working cars, they readily accept the offer. However, such buyers seldom show up in the future leaving the owner dejected and frustrated.
  6. Do remember to inform your insurance company and department of motorcycle about the sale of your car: Once you have handed over your car to the buyer, make sure that you inform your insurance company about the sale. Since the car will no longer be your property, you won’t be liable to pay the periodic insurance installments for you. Similarly, you must also contact the department of motorcycle vehicles and ask them to cancel your registration.

If you are interested in selling non-working cars and earn a good amount of money, then you will have to follow all the above guidelines. Eventually, you will have to make your own decision regarding the choice of the company which would help you attain a profitable offer. The best company in the market which would provide high-quality services is This company is highly reputed across the United States and offers a variety of services to its clients.