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Ever wondered, how much do junkyards pay for cars? Junkyards are the top places that buy junk cars. Up until a few years ago getting cash for junk cars by selling them to junkyards could get you on a weekend trip. But now you would hardly get enough to pay for a hotel room. This is because the scrap metal prices have plummeted in the last few years.

An average car contains about 2,400 pounds of steel and an average truck 3,000 pounds. This accounts for around 50% of the vehicles total weight. When you are trying to get cash for junk cars by selling them to junkyards, your car is being validated on the basis of scrap metal value by these Junkers. Junkyards sell steel, aluminum, copper and other metals to manufacturers. They further recycle them for other purposes.

Salvaging parts of the cars is a profitable option if you are trying to sell it to the places that buy junk cars. That way you can earn extra from the salvaged parts as well. As mentioned above the junkyards value your car in weight of metal and not the parts, so might as well you should take out that alternator, compressor, GPS or any other such part that is worth saving before the car gets crushed.

Getting cash for Junk cars – Never accept a price with conditions!

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Set the right value

Set a value when junking your car and stick to it. Then it’s smart to get as many quotes so you have various junk car prices from junkyards as possible before making your decision. Simply ask them how much cash for junk cars can you get. Be on the lookout for one technique that junkyards use: the Bait and Switch.

Some auto salvage yards give you a conditional price based on your description. They’ll inspect the car when they arrive to pick it up with their wrecker. Once the car is on the truck, they offer you a much lower figure than you agreed upon on the phone. All the pressure is on you to capitulate because the car is already on their truck.

It’s easy and free to look up the resale value of your car if it was still running. But if you’re thinking of selling your car to places that buy JUNK cars, don’t assume they will pay anywhere near this price for your vehicle. The Blue Book value of a car assumes that it’s in good condition. If it were in the condition necessary to qualify for its maximum Blue Book condition, you wouldn’t be sending it to the junkyard.

How much do junkyards pay for cars

Use Blue Book Value

Even so, you can still use the Blue Book value as a rule of thumb. It will help you estimate whether the cash from junk cars you’re receiving from the junkyard is high enough. If you take your junk car’s potential Blue Book value, then subtract the cost of any repairs. You’ll have a rough guide to estimating what the car might be worth if it’s sold at auction.

Don’t worry about missing out on a few more dollars if they ask to inspect your car first. Give the junkyard a detailed description of your car and its condition, and accompany it with digital pictures if necessary. Ask for a firm scrap car price, and make them stick to it.
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