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Keeping your old car useless in your garage only adds to the mess and burden on your wallet. People who have owned a car for years have a strong emotion attached to it. They have lived numerous memories since the time they bought the car from the shop. In the case of inheritance, the emotions get even more strong and they connect the owner with their previous generation. All these factors make it difficult for the owner to sell a car for scrap. However, keeping emotions aside, it is always recommended to part away with your car before it becomes a liability for you. Even though your car has become too old, it can still fetch you a decent amount of money if you put some of your effort in identifying potential buyers and successfully negotiating over its selling price. Having thorough knowledge is always helpful in profitable negotiation with scrap car buyers. If the owner is not aware of the market prices, the buyers can take advantage of their lack of information and offer them lower prices. All you need to do is to do a little bit of research online regarding the market prices and demand for scrap cars. While most of the owners are in a hurry to sell a car for scrap, it is always advisable to contact multiple buyers. Once you have multiple options to choose from, it becomes easy to evaluate the most profitable one. Scrap car buyers are usually highly experienced in this business and would try to negotiate on the price. However, if you have a prior idea regarding the market price of scrap cars, you will not be duped by false offers.

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What are the factors that affect the value of a scrap car?

In contrast to second-hand cars, the value of the scrap car is not much affected by its model, year of purchase and mileage driven. The dominating factor affecting the value of a scrap car is its metal weight. Heavier the car higher will be its costs and all the metal part will be melted down afterward. As evident, the higher the percentage of metal parts as compared to non-metallic parts, higher will be the value of the car. Years back, the entire body of the car was made up of metal including the majority of parts. Only a few of the interiors would either be of plastic or some other material like rubber. If you happen to inherit a car from your grandfather, then you can earn top dollar by selling it as scrap. However, cars manufactured recently, comprise a high percentage of non-metallic parts and as a result are not able to fetch the good value. This has resulted in low after-sale value and scraping is not as attractive as before. However, even if your car can fetch a decent amount of money from scrap car buyers, it is always a better bet in comparison to keeping it useless in the garage. If some of the parts are still working properly, then scrapping your car as a whole is a good option. The reason being that your working parts would be sold for their weight and not for their utility when they can be dismantled and used as a replacement in other cars. If you make some effort in dismantling the working parts, then you can sell them separately and make an overall good amount of profit. 

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