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A car that has a damaged exterior, engine or interior parts is categorized as the broken or damaged car. This damage can be due to the accident faced by the car on the road or due to some natural calamity. A broken or damaged car is not at all safe to drive as there are chances of vehicle breakdown or malfunctioning on the road. It is better to sell broken cars rather than keeping them as broken or damaged cars can lead you into future troubles related to safety and finance. There are several ways to sell a broken car for cash. Here is how we can sell broken cars:

  1. Sell broken cars as they are: If you know that your car is so damaged that the cost of its repair is quite higher than its actual cost then there is no point in getting the car repaired. So, sell the car as it is. Setting the correct price is quite important for selling a damaged car. The owner can hire someone who can assess the car and give the right value for it or can do it on their own by putting some effort to find out the value of the same car model in the market. Lastly, the seller should decide the medium through which they want to sell their car and should proceed with the option which suits them the most.
  2. Sell broken car parts individually yourself: In case you have knowledge about the correct way to dismantle the car and also you have enough time for it then you can opt this option of selling individual car parts. You must have an idea about the actual condition of the car part you are selling in order to be more confident and genuine with the buyer. To sell car parts one can visit online car part selling stores or can advertise various online platforms.
  3. Contact a car dealership for trading in your car: Selling a damaged car is quite a hectic job for the seller. Usually, the car traders who buy a car to resell it offers a good deal to the sellers. Trading in-car online or to a car dealer shop requires less time and effort as compared to privately selling a damaged car.
  4. Find a local junkyard to sell your broken car: Explore the local junkyards in your area and compare the prices they are offering for your car. Once you decide to sell your car as junk then do not leave any space for second thoughts in your mind as this will result in a confusing situation for you.
  5. Highly damaged or broken cars can be sold as scrap: If the car is damaged beyond repair then the car can be sold as scrap to the salvage yard. If the sellers know well about the market price of the spare parts of the car they are selling then they can confidently negotiate on the price.

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Broken car categories according to the damage levels  

For selling a broken car the seller must know the category in which their car falls to opt for the correct buyer. Based on the damage level, broken cars are classified into four categories,

  1. Scrap category: When a car is beyond repair and none of its parts is reusable then it comes in this category.
  2. Break category: When the car is not worth repairing but some of its parts can be used somewhere else.
  3. Structural category: When there is damage in the car structure it comes in this category. The car owners can get their vehicle repaired and earn a good amount by selling it.
  4. Non-structural category: The car which is repairable and does not have any structural damage comes under this category.

If you are worried about finding a place in the US where you can easily sell your broken car for good cash then is the best place. You can directly contact the company and request for an online quote for your car and if you are satisfied with the deal then you can proceed further with the selling process.