Many people ask, “How to Sell Your Old Car and Get the Most for It?” Are you also looking for an answer for how to sell my vintage car? List and Sell your classic car online. It will help you reach a large number of buyers in no time. However, before that, search the market first. Car owners usually don’t have any experience in the industry. Thorough research will help you develop a basic understanding and assist you in the negotiation process. The key is to remain patient and wait for the best offer. Don’t hurry into the process. Follow all the steps carefully.

Steps to selling my vintage car

selling my vintage car

The process of selling a vintage car is straightforward. You don’t have to be a professional to crack a profitable deal. All you have to do is follow the steps one by one and you will find the right buyer who pays you top dollar.

Market research on how to sell my vintage car

Market research helps you in getting an idea about the prices and demand for used motorcycles. Search about the process on how to sell my vintage car. You can visit websites that provide you with relevant information about the industry. Though you will have to devote some of your time, it will surely pay off.

Get your car valued

It’s important to know what your car’s worth. Many websites offer free quotes for your car. All you have to do is provide basic information about your car including the model, year of manufacturing, mileage, etc. In a single click, you will get an approximate value of your car.

Set the right price to sell my vintage car

All buyers tend to negotiate. As it’s your first time, you may find it difficult to assert your price. You can therefore put your selling price slightly higher than the market price. This small margin will aid you in the negotiation process.

Find the buyers to sell my vintage car

buyers to sell my vintage car

The best way to find buyers is through online platforms. You need to set up your profile and post an advertisement to sell your car. You can also add some description and pictures of your car. Once the ad is posted, you will receive multiple offers from interested buyers.

Evaluate the offers

When you receive the offers you can match them with the market value. Shortlist the offers you feel are genuine and then finally select the most profitable one.

Set up a meeting

After an initial interaction over the phone or email, ask the buyer to meet you in person. Negotiations are easier face to face. You can discuss all your terms and conditions before-hand. Also, you can arrange for a test drive for the buyer. Look for a location that is not crowded to avoid any accident. However, since such locations are deserted, ask someone to accompany you alongside yourself.

Negotiate at your desired price

This is a difficult part of the process. It all depends on how well you negotiate with the buyers. Don’t accept the first price quoted by the buyer. They are also playing with the margins. You can also do the same thing. Keep pressing on your selling price and eventually, you will persuade the buyer to pay you the market price. In case, the buyer does not accept any of your proposals, you can look out for other options.

Close the deal with cash payment

Cash payments are the safest. You don’t have to bother whether the buyer’s credentials are correct or not. Sometimes the buyers offer partial payments. Owners, who are in a hurry to sell their car readily accept their demands. However, the buyers delay the future payments leaving the owner frustrated.

Inform your insurance company

You still have some work to do after you hand over your car to the buyer. Contact your insurance company and inform them about the sale. Ask them to stop your future premiums. Also, contact the local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. This way, you will be relieved from all the liabilities.

Will my classic car lose value if I modify it?

my classic car lose value

The answer is yes. And perhaps, it will lower its value as well. Usually, the cars are made as per set specifications and modifications might ruin their aesthetic as well as functional look. The original parts fit perfectly with the original design. New parts can ruin the integrity of the car and do more damage. However, not all modifications are bad. Especially, if they are limited to the exteriors only.

Do I need to issue a receipt when I sell my vintage car?

Yes, it’s called the Bill of Sale. You will have to provide that to the buyer as proof that you have sold your car to them.

What are the documents required to sell my vintage car?

Prepare your documents in advance before you start communicating with the buyers. Let us look at the important documents you will need for selling your car.


Motor vehicle registration is proof of your ownership. Whether you sell your car to an individual buyer or a junkyard shop, you are always going to need it.


It’s required to have an insurance policy when you sell your car. As insurance is mandatory for everyone, it isn’t an issue to locate its document as you already have it.

Pollution document

It’s a certificate to prove that your car does not emit toxic chemicals. When you visit a service station, they have a smoke and emission tester.

Car invoice

You receive an invoice from the company when you buy a car. In case there is a mismatch between the registration certificate and car details, the invoice can come in handy. Also, it strengthens your authenticity as a seller.

Duplicate keys

They are not mandatory, however, can be a good selling point. Any buyer will like to have an extra key. They are always handy in emergency situations.

Ownership manual

When you purchase a car, you are provided with an ownership manual by the company. Though it is not mandatory, it can still be shown as proof of ownership of the car.

Insurance transfer

You need to present a copy of the application to the insurance company to transfer your policy to the buyer.