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Just because your car is wrecked or totaled, doesn’t mean you can’t sell it for cash. When your car gets wrecked, you have few options – pay for repairs or try to sell your wrecked car. The trouble with the former is, if your car is truly wrecked, that means its serious issues will make it expensive to fix. Wrecked cars are also harder to sell as dealerships and car buyers are looking for cars that require little investment to operate. But we love buying wrecked cars.  If you want to sell your car online, you are in the right place. So you have this wrecked car you have no idea how to get rid of, and more importantly, how you’ll get the cash to buy a new one. If you’re wondering, “how to sell a wrecked car?”, Junk The Car has the solution for you.

Sell wrecked car online-Door Step service

sell my wrecked car

Wrecked car? Are you looking to get rid of your wrecked car in exchange for cash? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of service providers out there that would pay you cash for your wrecked car. The trouble with working with a wrecked car buyer near you, however, is that many of them don’t offer fair prices. We at Junk The Car have heard horror stories of customers trying to sell their wrecked cars online. Scams, poor customer service, and insultingly low offers are only a few of them. We plan to do better than that.

  • Top-rated in the car buying industry with A+ BBB rating
  • Short turnaround time for pickup
  • Fast payment of cash in your hand
  • Courteous customer service, willing to answer all your questions
  • Best offer for your wrecked car,
  • And we do the towing, that too for free

About our company

We’re not in the business of scamming or low-balling people. We want our customers to receive the best rates and service possible for their wrecked car. While selling a wrecked car a person should not expect to get a lot of money for a car that is no longer roadworthy. However, a car that has a working motor and can still be driven will sell for quite a bit more than a car that cannot be driven. A person should keep this in mind when selling a wrecked car and see if it may be profitable to get the car running before selling it. A person who is looking for a buyer that offers good money for wrecked cars may want to consider contacting

Our company has office throughout the United States and a simple, easy to use the online form for a buyer to fill out. Once this form has been filled out and sent in, we will set a price for the vehicle and come pick it up free of charge. Money is given on the spot and we guarantee that we will buy any vehicle no matter what condition it is in.