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Keeping a broken car in your garage which doesn’t work anymore might not be a good idea. The repair work for the damages in these cars costs a lot of money and it’s always better to get rid of them. You don’t have to worry about the buyers, as there is a vast market to sell non running cars which can fetch top dollar. You can sell broken cars as a whole to anyone who is interested in scrap or you can dismantle running parts and can sell them for an ample amount of money. Usually, dealers are not that interested in buying broken cars as it will be too expensive for them to do all the repair work. However, individual buyers can still buy it as they can use it as a potential project to work on. Sometimes hobbyists are also interested in buying a broken car as they like to do all the repair work by investing their personal time, effort and money. They have a passion to design something innovative and customizable. Another option is to sell it to Junkyards who are actually interested in the metal scrap of your broken car. They dismantle the metal which can melt and turn into new innovative products. If you want to sell broken cars, then you can consider the following tips for a smooth transaction.

Top tips to sell broken cars

  1. Check for online buyers: If you want to access a large pool of potential buyers, it is better if you search them online. Either you can contact them directly through their website or you can make an account on online portals that help you communicate with potential buyers. However, you must be cautious while choosing the buyer as they are many scammers who are looking for an opportunity to dupe you with your money.
  2. Do all the necessary documentation: Before you enter into a negotiation with any buyer, make sure you have collected all the required documents. These documents include the title of the car, warranty card, service records, etc. Most of the buyers are only interested if they receive a complete set of car documents.
  3. Access your car in detail: You must have thorough knowledge about your car including its make, model, specifications, service records, etc. You must also be aware of the condition of your car, its mileage, replaced or missing parts, etc. Proper knowledge about your car will help you during the negotiation process with the buyers.
  4. Get quotes from buyers: Do not commit on the very first quote you receive from a potential buyer. Always try to get multiple quotes so that you have plenty of options to choose from. This will help you in identifying the most profitable offer.
  5. Hand over your car: Once the deal is finalized, you will be required to either drive your car all the way to the buyer or ask them to tow it for you. Getting your car towed is the better option as many times the condition is not good for driving. Moreover, it will be more safe and convenient for you if the buyer comes to pick the car from your home.
  6. Sell its parts separately: If some parts of your broken car are still in working condition, then you can dismantle them and sell them separately. You can sell the rest of the car to scrap car buyers.
  7. Remove all your personal belongings: You must always make sure that you have removed all your personal belongings including any documents because once you have sold the car it is very difficult to retrieve them back. You must check all the possible places including the glove compartment, back of the seat cover, central console, door side pockets, etc.
  8. Inform your insurance company and department of motor vehicle: After you have delivered your car to the buyer, you must always report it to your insurance company. You must also get your plates to remove and inform your local department of a motor vehicle.

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