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There are many reasons for a car being damaged, ranging from bodywork, interiors or other engine parts. Usually, only a part is damaged not the whole car, and so it can be sold by doing a little bit of repair. You can also get those parts replaced from a car mechanic. However, the process of fixing damaged cars is expensive and time-consuming. Because of this reason, most of them are sold as salvaged vehicles. To understand the process of selling a damaged car for salvage, it is necessary to understand various categories.

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Four types of Salvage ratings

  1. Category A (Scrap): This rating is given to the cars that are totally damaged and there is no possibility of any repair work. Individual parts of the car are also not in working condition and cannot be salvaged. Cars falling under this category can only be sold as scrap to junkyard shops.
  2. Category B (Break): These cars have also damaged to the extent that they cannot be further repaired. However, some of the parts are still in working condition. These parts can be dismantled and sold separately. After that, the remaining body of the car can be sold as scrap.
  3. Category S (Structural): Cars that have damage to the outside structural frame fall under this rating. Usually, the owners of these cars have decided not to get them repaired, but they can still be salvaged.
  4. Category N (Non-structural): The cars falling under this rating have not received any kind of damage and can be given for basic repair work.

Three ways to sell damaged car

  1. Sell it after repair work: If the car requires minor repair work, then you can get it done by a professional mechanic. They will first inspect your car and tell you what needs to be done. After getting repaired, you can sell a damaged car as second hand and it will fetch a good amount of money.
  2. Sell it as it is: If the car is critically damaged and it would be very expensive to do all the repair work, then you can sell your car as it is. Most of the buyers who buy damaged cars know how to get it repaired. Moreover, if a major part of the car is damaged like the engine, it would cost you a lot and you won’t be able to extract any profit from it.
  3. Sell it to a scrap yard: If the car is totally damaged are there is no way that it can be repaired by any means, and then you can consider it selling to a junkyard shop. These junkyards usually buy damaged cars as scrap and use their metal parts by melting them into new products.

To whom can one sell damaged car?

If you want to get top dollar for your car, you will have to choose a suitable buyer to sell it. Here are some types of buyers to whom you can sell a damaged car for cash.

  1. To a car dealer: It might not be the best option if you want to get top dollar for your damaged car as most of the car dealers will provide low rates for your car. However, contacting a car dealer is much more convenient and straightforward. Sometimes they also allow you to trade in your old car with a new one. It is always a lucrative offer as you can get some discount on the new model. The discount rates vary depending upon the model and condition of your car.
  2. To an individual buyer: If you don’t want to stress yourself  by contacting a car dealer or junkyard owner, you can consider selling a damaged car to an individual buyer. Here also you must not expect a good offer and the buyer will again sell it to some other buyer and earn a profit.
  3. To an auto parts buyer: Some buyers are interested in buying working parts of a damaged car. These parts are useful for repair shops as they can be replaced with non-working parts of another car.
  4. To a junkyard: Usually, the cars that are totally damaged can be only sold as scrap is of the interest to local junkyards. They buy these cars for the scrap metal which is melted and turn into other useful parts.

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