Damage to your car can include interior damage (stains to cloth, damaged leather, scuffs and scratches to the steering wheel and dashboard) as well as exterior damage (dents and scratches to the body, damaged paintwork, tire wear), both of which can be caused by neglect, road traffic accidents or just old age. The good news is that even if your car is not in the best condition, you are still able to sell your damaged car to Junk The Car. You may prefer to sell the car but the problem is that most people may not be interested in buying damaged cars. On the other hand, there are firms which may not mind buying your damaged car from you. The only thing is that such people expect a huge discount, so the best place to sell your damaged car is by calling us on our number or visiting website.

The damage you enter by filling our “Get a quote” section on the website will not impact the guide price we offer to you.

Getting paid fast by selling a damaged car

Selling your damaged car online to us is a great solution to a tricky problem. First, it is very hard to sell a damaged car unless you get the car repaired first. In any case, there is no guarantee that after you fix the car you will get a decent price for it so fixing the car is a risky move on your part. The good news is that you can avoid taking this risk by just selling your car in its damaged condition to us and we will pay cash for damaged cars.

One of the most difficult things about selling damaged cars is that the prospective buyer is likely to make a lot of fuss over every minor thing. These people are called “tire-kickers” and they will just go around kicking all the tires on your car and finding fault with practically every part of the car. If you deal with people who have these habits, you are not likely to get good money for your damaged car. On the other hand, you can sell your car to Junk The Car and you will get a good deal.

You want to get cash for your car and you want the deal to be done as fast as possible. Your best bet is to go to our website. There is no point in hawking your damaged car to dealers and buyers who may not really want to buy the car. Sell your car to us, we are in the business of buying damaged cars. We are the right people to deal with. We will pay you good money and treat you with respect into the negotiations. This is how to get cash for damaged cars. It’s easy to sell a damaged car to us, you can go to our website fill out Get a quote form or you can directly call us and our customer executive who are very friendly will deal with you and will give you the best quote. Once a price is agreed we will come to your location on a time and date specified by you and will pick up your vehicle for free, paying you with instant cash. So what are you waiting for, get rid of that damaged vehicle immediately. Call us now or visit our website.