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Worried about selling your damaged car?

Let us help you through the process of junking your car near you.  It is true that some cars age tremendously while others are unlucky to last forever. Your car must have reached the end of its road journey. With the passage of time, cars get damages that lessen its overall lifespan. Or you may have gotten into an accident leaving you with a damaged car. Sometimes, the damages are so severe leaving you with the dilemma of whether to repair it or not.

Do you have enough money to afford the heavy repair costs of your damaged car? It is always best to junk your car for cash and gain peace of mind.

Junk the Car offers the best cash for junk cars that are no more roadworthy. You can sell your damaged car to us without any burden of spending extra bucks to dispose of it.

Sell your Damaged Car in these Conditions

Sell a Damaged Car for Cash

A damaged car can be repaired by taking assistance from your insurance company. However, there are certain conditions under which it is best to sell your damaged car.

  • Is it crashed or broken down?

If the damages are serious leaving your car crashed or broken down, disposing of it comes to mind. But it is very difficult to find any potential buyers to sell your damaged car. Despite getting your car repaired, people are unwilling to pay a good amount. It is, therefore, better to sell your car to us rather than spending on costly repairs. We offer the best price even if you sell your crashed car to us.

  • Has it started to face mechanical issues?

Car damage can knock down your engine rod or cause multiple engine oil leaks. Your car’s transmission might have stuck in limp mode and not shifting. You need to decide whether or not those mechanical issues are worth repairing. No matter the mechanical problem is major or minor you should sell your car for cash quickly to us.

  • Is it a collision damage or accident damage?

Your car might get damaged due to a collision or an accident. The minor fender-benders are very common during the roadworthiness of your car. Sometimes the damages caused are not covered under your insurance. This can affect your pockets heavily. You can forego your insurance and sell your damaged car on your own to Junk the Car.

  • Is it a hail damaged car?

We come across many car owners who want to sell their hail damaged car. The hailstorm is very aggressive and large chunks of ice can damage your car. You might have to spend thousands of dollars to get hail damage repaired which are both mechanical and physical. Selling a hail damaged car to Junk the Car is the best decision to make.

  • Has it become a totaled car?

After a severe accident or collision, the insurance company can declare your damaged car as totaled. You are likely to receive lowball offers from private car buyers even from the insurance company. Selling a totaled car for cash or parts may consume a lot of your precious time.

Selling your damaged car to online junk car buying websites is usually the quickest way to do so.

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