We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!

The Easy Option to Sell My Junk Car for Cash Today

Do you have an old junk car you want to get rid of as soon as possible but you are haunted by the question, “How do I sell my junk car?”
Would you like to solve that problem but you are worried it would be such a hassle to do it?
Would you be interested to know about a dealer that could easily provide excellent junk car removal?
By answering yes to all of these questions, you have just landed a great option for you to tackle your junk car worries. Why Choose to Sell Your Junk Cars to Us?

Our Team is Committed to Pay and Pickup on the Same Day

We are Junk cars are our business and we have been offering this service for three decades now. We provide our clients with fair deals. Our transactions are clear and very much transparent as we commit ourselves to build long-term relationships in this business of car buying.

We Provide an Office in Every City in the USA

Here at Junk the Car, we give importance to your needs and satisfaction. Because we value your business with us we are happy that we’re consistently able to:

  • Provide high-quality service.
  • Commit to giving honest services to our clients.
  • Deal in volumes and buy bulks of old cars.
  • Buyers of all sorts of vehicles – in running condition or not and pay the right prices.
  • Pick up the vehicles onsite where the client keeps them.
  • Arrange fast and fair transactions all the time.
  • An office in every city to provide service.

We Accept All Junk  Vehicles 

Sell junk car

We buy in volumes and bulk and we accept vehicles of all types:

  1. Used cars
  2.  Salvaged SUVs
  3.  Wrecked trucks
  4.  Any other damaged, scraped, or wrecked vehicles

We are Transparent with Every Transaction

Aside from quotes, our service features a car value calculator that could immediately give clients an estimate for their junk cars. Here’s how that works:

  1. Call and ask for a car valuation
  2. Give details about yourself and the car to be sold.
  3. Get a reasonable price based on the information you provided.
  4. Should the price be acceptable to you, we could seal the deal and buy the car.
  5. Junk the Car handles the paperwork and you get the price for your car.

Reach Out and We Will Gladly Help

Junk the Car takes pride in the many years it has been in business and in our long list of clients who have been happy with the deals they got and the services they received. You can call 800-455-4241 and talk to any of our agents so we could start to clear your garage off that junk.