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We have put together a simple five-step guide to help you sell your car online without any hassle. From determining your car’s value to listing it for sale to finalizing the sale, our guide will walk you through the process every step of the way. With our help, you can have cash in hand for your old car in no time.

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Five Steps to Sell Old Car Online 

With the enormous shortage of cars in 2022, the prices of used vehicles are skyrocketing. It is time to get rid of your old ride in exchange for a great price!

Sell Old Car

You can follow these five effortless steps to sell old cars online this year. 

Step 1: Organize Your Paperwork

Start by gathering the following documents required to sell old car online before you want to advertise your vehicle for sale:


  • Car title: Make sure your vehicle’s title is in your custody. With it, you can sell your car to a buyer. Call your lender to learn how to transfer the title if your vehicle is still under an auto loan.


  • History report: Your vehicle identification number (VIN) gives you the key to access your vehicle history report. It displays the title status, significant accidents and claims, the number of owners, the current odometer reading, and service records.


  • Service records: It’s recommended to have your most recent service records ready to demonstrate that your vehicle is well-maintained and has no existing problems. 


  • State-specific paperwork: Check your local Department of Motor Vehicle’s (DMV) website for any necessary papers you might need to sell your car, such as a bill of sale.

Step 2: Prepare your car for sale

Once you’ve gathered the necessary paperwork, it’s time to give your car the required curb appeal it needs. Ideally, it’s essential to research a website that best suits your needs!

Take some time to vacuum and shampoo the carpets, clean the mirrors, wash the exterior, apply wax if necessary, and make the tires shine. Also, fix the windshield if required and repair any scratches or dents to sell your old car for some extra dollars. 


Step 3: Advertise Your Car

Advertising is essential for selling your old car online for that instant cash offer. Here’s what this might include:

  • List your old car across multiple websites- It is best to list your vehicle on numerous sites. But knowing which website suits your need optimally is what matters.


  • The field offers- When offers start coming in from various sites, you expect people to have questions about the car. Some might also negotiate or lowball you right away.  


  • Set up a test drive- You’ll need to find time to offer a potential buyer the option to test drive the vehicle to understand your car better.


Step 4: Schedule a Test Drive

Schedule a test drive once you start getting buyers. Remember, every time you give a test drive, you must pay for gas, add mileage, and risk a dent or damage. Provide test drives only to people who seem serious about buying the car. 

It is essential to note that your safety can be a concern when deciding to meet an outsider for a test drive. Having your family or friends with you is wise. Or you can meet in a public place during the day and document the buyer’s information before driving out for a test drive.


Step 5: Close the Deal & Get Paid

After the test drive, your future buyer will start negotiating with you to buy the car. Ensure that the buyer makes the opening offer. 

For example, if he asks, “What’s the best price quoted?” you can respond, “Well, I believe my asking price is acceptable. But you can also come up with an offer.”

Negotiate slowly. Make sure your asking price is transparent and well-understood by the buyer. 

If selling your used car to a private party, you should take additional steps to ensure the fund’s transfer is secure. Ask your buyer if they will pay cashier’s checks, cash, or bank drafts.

Develop clarity on the fact that you will release your car and its title once their funds clear. Personal checks and wire transfers are more prone to fraud. Therefore avoid these payment forms.


SellYourOldCarNow- Ultimate Solution to Sell Old Car Online

Sell Old Car


Selling your old car online is simple if you know what to expect. It’s also crucial to analyze how much time you spend on selling because some websites require more effort than others. It would be best to get an exact estimate to make the most money from your old car and not settle for an asking price less than its selling value. 

SellYourOldCarNow can be your savior. You can trade your car with us as it relieves you of the hassle of washing or mending it, saving both your time and money.

You just need to follow these simple steps to sell your old car to us.

Step 1: Contact Us

Contact us about your damaged car by calling 800-455-4241 or filling out the online “Get a Quote” form.

Step 2: Set A Price

After asking a few questions about your vehicle, we immediately offer instant cash.  

Step 3: Payment And Pick-up

We will come and pay you in cash after the verification of your car is done. You can enjoy our services no matter which part of the United States you’re from. 

The last step involves towing your car away, and the sale is complete.