We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!

Selling your wrecked car is as important a decision as buying a new car. You can dream of selling your wrecked car for top dollar if you act wisely. Prior to finding the best place to sell junk cars, you must have clear information about junk cars. The term junk car is used synonymously for a wrecked car.

A wrecked car is a kind of junk car which has been destroyed due to accidental damage or severe collisions on road. A wrecked car thus becomes a non-running car until you get all the damages fixed. But it is to be well understood that repairing your wrecked car is a costly affair. Your car loses its charm and value even when it has been repaired. Many times you may leave your car in your driveway and opt for other conveyance choices. You might want to sell your car instantly but the question arises how to sell a wrecked car. Junk The Car has an answer to your question of “how to sell a wrecked car”.

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You no longer need to spend months in searching for the best place to sell junk cars you can trust. We are there to help you sell your wrecked car and pay you to cash in return. It is indeed a great idea to get rid of your wrecked car and make some money.

Points to Note before Selling your Wrecked Car

We accept different types of wrecked, junk, broken or damaged car from our customers. But all junk cars are different in their make, model, and year. It is very significant to know the make, model, and year of your wrecked car before you sell it to us. We shall first provide you some information about the different types of wrecked cars. It would help you in recognizing what kind of junk car is yours:

  • Older Model Wrecked Cars: The older model wrecked cars are as old as 10 to 20 years of manufacture. These wrecked cars are less valuable than late models as all their value lies in nothing more than their weight. Such old model wrecked cars are beyond repairs.
  • Late Model Wrecked Cars: The newer model wrecked cars are around 10 years or newer manufactured cars. These cars can be very valuable if the engine and transmission are in good working condition. You can expect a good amount of cash for your wrecked car if it falls under this category.
  • Junkers: As the name suggests, Junkers are cars that have become obsolete nowadays. These types of wrecked cars are very old models. They are of no value and can only be sold as a piece of scrap.

You need not worry about running here and there to find the junk car buyers who might accept your specific wrecked car. Junk The Car accepts all kinds of wrecked, broken, junk or damaged cars of any make and model. We are a well-established entity located in all the major cities of the USA.

Sell your Wrecked Car Effortlessly

We have simplified the problem of finding the best place to sell junk cars and get paid for that. We are just a click away if you want to sell your wrecked car instantly. We save your precious time by providing online facility to sell your wrecked car.

  • To begin the trouble-free process of selling your wrecked car, fill our online Get a Quote form in just a matter of few minutes.
  • To get the most money for your wrecked car share with us genuine information. We believe in a fair play of business.
  • We verify the details filled in by you in the online form, by asking you a few related questions over a phone call.
  • We shall make an instant offer after calculating the value of your wrecked car through our car value calculator.
  • If you accept our authentic offer, one of our friendly team members will visit you. The team member will ask for the keys and documents to make the payment.
  • Just as you are paid, the towing truck will take away your wrecked car. An added advantage is you do not have to pay any towing charges

We have now made it easier for you to sell your wrecked car without any difficulty. If you have a wrecked car that has for long occupied your garage space, you can sell your car instantly.