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Your car might be on its last legs now when you decide to sell your non-running car. There comes a time in your car’s life when you are not ready to spend on its repairs anymore. It is so because maybe it has been sitting on your property for long or sustained a major damage. Spending your hard-earned money on a junk car is just not worth it.

Regardless of how fond you are of your prized possession, you have to sell it one day or the other. What stops you to sell your non-running? Are you not sure of getting cash for junk car like yours?

There are professional companies that pick up junk cars for cash without charging a penny. Junk the Car is one such place offering free towing and pick up of junk cars from anywhere in the USA.

How to Sell your Non-running Car?

When you have the burden of an old, non-running, and junk vehicle on your shoulders, you only think one way. The only way you find is to get rid of your non-running car by giving it away to a scrap yard for pennies. But this is not the best choice when you have expert junk car buyers near you.

The local scrap yard will only pay according to the scrap metal prices for junk cars. The cash for junk cars offered by these scrap yards is an all-time low excluding the towing charges. If you have your junk car picked up by a towing company, you will pay from your own pockets. The scrap car buyers also do not pay extra for the accessories that might be of some value. The only thing you can do is to sell those extra things separately.

At Junk the Car, we pay top dollar cash for junk cars regardless of the condition they are in. So if you want to the value of your non-running car, you can fill our online quote and find out yourself. We make a no-obligation offer for all our customers. If you like our cash offer, you can ask us ‘pick up my junk car’ and have it removed for free.

Alternative Ways to Sell your Non-running Car

You can sell your non-running car online through different car buying and selling sites. However, through these sites, you can get more cash for your car than local junkyards. But selling your non-running through these websites comes with its own complications. It may take longer to sell your junk car privately and you may not get the expected amount.

Not to mention but the inconvenient viewings and risk of unidentified buyers make it more difficult. Still, you can part ways with your old car that way with a lot of expertise and time.

The best solution to quickly and safely sell your non-running car is to choose Junk the Car. We buy all sorts of damaged cars, trucks, and SUVs without any hassles. We shall pick up your junk car within 48 hours.

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