We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!

You can sell your vintage car if it has become inoperable and wrecked over the years. Gone are the days when you had to simply keep the car if it has turned into a wreck or junk. With the help of Junk the Car, you can effectively sell your vintage car for the highest price possible. We are experts in buying junk cars or any vintage car that has not been maintained and taken care of.

Tips to Sell your Vintage Car

Junk the Car enhances your overall selling experience by paying the best price for your classic car. However, as a seller, you must follow a few guidelines to junk your car for maximum cash-

  • Check around similar prices: If you plan to sell your vintage car privately to individual buyers you should check around for similar cars prices. Searching for prices of similar model cars will help you realistically know the value of your vintage car. It is advisable to do so as you don’t want to under-price your car or even price it higher. In both the cases, you will be in loss. How? Buyers want to buy used cars at the lowest price possible so a lower price will get you even lesser. On the other hand, if you price your vintage car extremely higher you won’t get many potential buyers. To get an accurate value of your vintage car you can fill our Get a Quote
  • A thorough mechanical check: Before beginning the whole process of selling a vintage car, you should get it thoroughly checked by a mechanic. If there is any major issue with the car it may affect the price you get. If you can get those repairs done, you can junk your car for a great price. However, if you can’t afford the expensive repairs, you can directly sell your vintage car to us.
  • An eye-catching advertisement: To sell your vintage car through classifieds or online selling platforms you need an eye-catching advertisement. You need to advertise your car in such a manner that it gets maximum attention of potential buyers. You need to respond back immediately to the buyers who have shown interest in your classic car.
  • Trade-in your Vintage car: You can trade-in your vintage car if you are buying a new car. However, you should not expect to receive a high price for a vintage car from dealerships.

Sell your Vintage Car Online

The Internet has made it easier to sell your vintage car without any trouble. There are many online portals that buy vintage cars specifically. If you want to sell your vintage car for the best price without any further research, Junk the Car will help.

You can sell your vintage car to us no matter how old or wrecked it is. We buy junk cars of any make and model without questioning the sellers. To get the best offer for your vintage car, fill out the online quote. Based on the details about your car, we shall present you an offer without any compulsion to accept. We guarantee to make an offer that is accurate and worth accepting happily.

To know our deal for your car, contact us today!