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sell a damaged car for cash

Keeping a damaged car in your garage only adds to your ever-increasing woes. You will have to spend money from your wallet in the repair and maintenance work of your car. And even after all the effort, your car won’t be performing well. Moreover, driving a damaged car is highly dangerous for you and other people on the road as it can break down suddenly causing severe accidents. On the other hand, if you can sell your damaged car for cash, you will not only be relieved from all the stress but will also get enough funds to spend on a new model.

How can you acquire the best deal if you want to sell a non-running car?

Most of the owners do not have prior experience in selling a damaged car for cash and as a result, they find it difficult to negotiate with the dealer at a good price. The dealers have years of experience in dealing with old cars and they take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the owner in the market price and specifications of the car. For effective negotiation, the owner must properly research online regarding the market price of damaged cars and get your car valued accordingly. The owner can also take advice from friends who have had prior experience in selling a damaged car for cash

In order to acquire the top dollar for your car, you need to follow certain steps mentioned below

  1. Always ensure that the dealer has a genuine license:

    Most of the credible dealers have a genuine license as they follow all the rules and regulations and do not try to bypass any laws set by the government. They regularly pay all the taxes and are transparent in their business. This affects the way they deal with the owners as well. Credible dealers would always provide you good offers and won’t take advantage of your lack of knowledge. They will also guide you in the entire process of selling a damaged car for cash.

  2. Properly research and gather information:

    Most of the owners are inexperienced in handling the process of negotiation and selling a damaged car for cash. They don’t have in-depth knowledge regarding this industry and as a result, are vulnerable to scammers who are looking out for an opportunity to dupe the owners of their money. In order to safeguard yourself from any such mishap, you must properly research the market price of damaged cars and also study the specifications and condition of your car. Having prior knowledge helps a lot in the negotiation process and you will be able to crack a profitable deal out of that.

  3. Obtain multiple quotes from prospective buyers:

    Once you have put up the advertisement for your car, you will be contacted by multiple buyers who will provide you with different offers. Having multiple offers is beneficial as it gives the owners multiple options to choose from. In such a case, the selling power of the owner increases and he can select the most profitable option among them.

  4. Complete necessary paperwork beforehand:

    A key to good negotiation is having all the required documents in hand. It shows that you are well aware of the process to sell non-working cars. You already know all the formalities of the process and are ready for the negotiation. It also gives an impression to the buyer that you have a thorough knowledge of this business. 

  5. Receive cash for your junk car:

    Once the deal is finalized, ensure that you receive the entire amount in cash and on the spot. Do not accept any offer of a partial payment from the buyer and they don’t show up afterward. If you are accepting the money in check, do remember to cross-check all the credentials before you hand over your car to the buyer.

  6. Communicate the transaction information with your insurance company and local department of motor vehicle:

    Once you have traded your damaged car for cash, remember to inform your insurance company to cancel the insurance premium and settle all the pending payments. Also, remember to contact the local department of motor vehicles and get your registration canceled so that you don’t have any liability for your old car.

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