We’ll buy your car - no matter the condition!

Sell Old Junk Cars in California

That old, beaten up car at home can be of use to you for the last time. Junk the Car could be your partner in converting this big junk to cash. Sell a junk car in Los Angeles to Junk the Car and enjoy the hassle-free process that will turn your old junk into the money you could definitely make use of.

Why Sell Your Car to Us?

At Junk the Car, we work on the basis of commitment to honesty and simplicity. We’d like our customers to enjoy a fast and satisfactory service that they would remember. Our clients often talk about the speedy process by which we convert their junked cars to cash and we take pride in that.

1. We are everywhere.

Junk the Car is located in all states of the U.S. including California. With 30 years of experience and presence in 400 locations, you can be assured of a simple option that handles junk cars for cash in Los AngelesOur office here is ready to buy cars in various conditions, running or not, and convert them into cash.

2. We buy all kinds of car.

We don’t discriminate. We accept all makes and models of vehicles. But more importantly, we buy vehicles in any type of condition – smashed, wrecked, or damaged.

3. We get rid of your worry and apprehension.

If you have not yet tried selling an old used car before, you are probably feeling worried that the task would be tedious and time-consuming. It may not be worth the hassle. You may think that it will not be worth it and that you may be getting less than the price agreed on. Fraud and cheating are rampant and you would like to avoid being ripped off.

At Junk the Car, we recognize these concerns and would like to assure you of high-quality service and honesty every time. We work hard in the verification of information about the car being sold. The current condition and the age of the vehicle being sold are the basis to come up with the best deal. We give our clients the best quotes.

4. We let you set up an appointment at your convenience. 

When you find the quote reasonable and acceptable, you can then arrange for an appointment – when our representative can pick up your car. We will verify and inspect and you could get paid right then and there.

We are the Real Deal

The deals we offer could be the best deal you could get in California. For further information on how we could help you, dial 800-455-4241 – and our agents will be more than glad to answer your questions.

Same day cash in California, Denver, Dallas, and Boston today.