If your car has met with a major accident or is very old to be driven on the road, the only way you can dispose of it is by selling it as scrap. There is no point of spending your hard-earned money in getting it repaired as it will cost you a lot. You can instead earn some money by scrapping it and use that money to buy a new one. Selling a damaged car for cash can be hectic process especially if you don’t have any prior experience. It is difficult to convince a buyer to pay for something which is totally useless and of no value. However, if you follow some important guidelines and steps, it will make your whole work a lot easier and convenient. Here are some of the steps that you can adhere if you are planning to sell a non-running car.

Basic Steps to Sell Non-Working Cars | Junkthecar

  1. Look for a licensed salvage car dealer:

    Make sure that you ask the dealers to provide their licenses before you enter into a negotiation with them. Licenses dealers are usually professionals and will offer you profitable deals. Other dealers who work without paperwork tend to dupe you with false pricing.

  2. Have all the information related to your vehicle handy:

    Before you communicate with buyer to sell your damaged car for cash, make sure that you have all the required documents with you. In case you have lost or misplaced them, try to get a duplicate copy of them from your local department of a motor vehicle.

  3. Get quotes for your junk car:

    Do not make haste in finalizing the buyer for your car. Try to get multiple quotes from different buyers so that you have options to choose from the most profitable one.

  4. Get all the sale paperwork completed:

    Make sure that during and after the deal, you have completed all the formalities regarding the transaction paperwork in order to avoid any kind of confusion. You might also need to provide your insurance company and department of a motor vehicle with the record of all the documents.

  5. Receive money for your junk car:

    After you have finalized the deal, ask the buyer to pay you the full amount of money before handing over your car. Try to get the money in the form of cash. In case the buyer is paying through a check, ensure that all the credentials are correct. Sometimes the buyers offer to give a token amount and promise to pay the rest in the installments. Do not accept such a deal as most of the buyers are difficult to track once they take your car.

  6. Inform you local department of a motor vehicle and your insurance company about the sale of your junk car:

    After you have finalized the deal, make sure to inform your insurance company to cancel all your liabilities. You must also get your registration canceled by contacting your local department of a motor vehicle to get yourself relieved from any responsibility with the car.

Do non-working and non-running cars come in junk car category?

A car which is no longer of any worth to the owner or is not in working condition comes under the category of junk cars. The car might have met with an accident and the cost of getting it repaired is very high. As a result, the only way through which the car can fetch you a decent amount of money is by selling to people who buy a damaged car for cash. Moreover, there are certain guidelines set by the government which renders a car as junk. Usually, if the cost of repairs goes beyond 75% of the present value of the car, then the car is declared junk.

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