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Selling My Car Online

In the past, car owners with questions like”how can I sell my car?” didn’t really struggle to dispose of their vehicle. They just either put a sign on it when they use it or place an ad in a Sunday newspaper. Yes, it was easy, but the seller’s audience was limited. Nowadays, the easiest method to sell your car fast, and get the best price for it lies beneath your fingertips. Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can easily type in “how to sell my car” or “money for cars” searches and voila, you have an answer. Tons of old cars are bought online each day. Your job is just to find the right car dealer to do business with.

Work with Junk the Car

best place to sell old car

If you’re on the lookout for a surefire way to dispose of your old car, you must deal with the best in the field. Getting money for cars, whether they’re old, damaged, or even unusable, is possible through Junk the Car. We are a junk car agency that buys old vehicles in whatever size and form. Why choose to Junk the Car over the rest? Here are just a number of reasons:

• We are experienced.

For over 30 years, Junk the Car has been answering queries of vehicle owners ranging from”how can I sell my car?” to”what will you do with my vehicle?” The three long decades that we have in this field give us the confidence to assure you that we can help you with your old-car situation.

• We provide fair and dependable service.

Unlike other buy-and-sell car dealers, we see the worth of your old vehicle. We don’t discriminate against vehicles. This means we accept all types of old four-wheel drives – smashed, ruined, scratched, burnt, and unmovable. They may be junk now, but we can still see their worth. And so you will be paid fairly for the value of your old vehicle.

• We do the bulk of the job.

The first thing that you need to do is find us (and we’re not hard to find!). And then input your car’s information and deal with our offer. After that, you can expect that we’ll do all the work for you – with no hidden or additional charges. Once you input the necessary vehicle details on our website,, one of our skilled representatives will do a quote for you. When you accept the offer, all you need to do put us on your schedule so we can check the car and buy it from you.

Upon the scheduled visit, our agent will verify the specifics and the present condition of the old car. Once everything is in order, you’ll get the payment then and there. And we’ll tow the car for you, free of charge.

• We are everywhere.

Junk the Car is proud to serve everyone who is experiencing problems with the disposal of their old cars. We have over 400 offices nationwide, so we’re certain that wherever you are, we can come and solve your problem. All you need to do is to give us a call, send us an email, or use our website. Any of these choices will provide you with an eager agent that is skilled to help you out.

• We accommodate all.

Not only do we accept all types of old vehicles, we also accept all kinds of customers. So, even if you’re still apprehensive if you really want to sell your old car or not, we can answer your concern. If you’re the kind who want to verify first if there is money for cars, even when they’re old, we will accommodate your concerns. We don’t charge anyone for asking questions. We don’t place a fee on online or phone-based consultations. We are, in fact, more than happy to answer your questions and clarify your preconceptions and fears about selling old cars online.

If you don’t want to speak with an agent, our website is ready and available to assist you with your needs. You just need to key in all the required information about your old vehicle, mainly its present condition, its make, and model, then you’re good to go.

Give Us Your Junk

If old, damaged cars have angels, we like to think that we are theirs. Junk the Car also makes sure that your old vehicle will be in good hands after the sale. We recycle the vehicles in an eco-friendly manner. So, don’t worry. You can say goodbye to your beloved, old car. Let us take over. Call us at 800-455-4141 or email now.