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A car that is too old and has worn out severely with time or is highly damaged due to an accident is declared as scrap by law. A scrap car might have a malfunctioning engine and other parts. The car might emit harmful gases which are not good for the environment. Because of the above-mentioned factors, it is not legal to drive a scrap car. It is better to sell a car for scrap if it satisfies the conditions of a scrap car rather than using it for some other purpose. The process to sell a car for scrap is not a complex procedure, the seller just has to follow legal procedures defined by the law.

When to scrap my car is not a complex question but how to scrap my car is. It is quite profitable to sell your junk car to scrap car buyers as it you get a good chunk of money for it, due to the increased metal value. Note that you cannot scrap your car anywhere. The seller needs to tell DMV if they scrap their car, to keep themselves away from legal conflicts. To sell the car for scrap one will need the following documents:

The car record book

This is the most important document to scrap the car. The car record verifies that the car belongs to the person selling it.

Certificate of Destruction

It a certificate which the seller receives from the DMV which is proof that you have your car recycled and you will not be involved in any issue related to it in future. After selling your scrap car to the scrap car buyers you can also ask the insurance value return, if there is any, for not claiming for the coverage.

Other options one can explore other than scrapping the car

Sell car parts individually

There are times when the car is more worn out from the outside than from inside. There might be parts in the car which are in good condition and you feel that selling them individually is a profitable deal. Yes, it is profitable but think about the amount of effort and time it will consume. Apart from time and effort, dismantling the car yourself might be dangerous for you. It is also possible that using this option might drop you in a more stressful situation. This option should only be considered if you have knowledge about car mechanics and also if you are determined to do it.

Online junk car buying businesses

This option is the easiest and most hassle-free. You can easily contact these companies online and can request for a quote online for your scrap car and then decide whether you want to sell it to them or not. One point to remember before selling your car online is that you are sure that the company is legal and authentic. You can also check the authenticity of a company by visiting their office located in your state. These online companies have trained and professional staff who have good knowledge about how the buying and selling process should be executed. They will first check that you have all the documents to proceed with the legal formalities required to sell a car for scrap.

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