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Want to sell your damaged car?

Selling a damaged car is difficult especially when you have no idea when is it time to do so. Because you invest a huge amount in buying a car, you want to drive it as long as possible. The fact is that the values of almost all cars depreciate with time. As soon as you drive a new car, an average of forty percent of its value drops down. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to keep a car which is damaged and lost its value.

However, it is no harm to get the repairs done if the damage caused is not too severe. But once your car ages and get damaged, a point comes when you should dispose of it. You will find many junk car buyers offering cash for junk cars in any condition. Junk the Car is one of the top companies that pick up junk cars for cash without charging any extra cost.

Factors to Decide When to Sell your Damaged Car

Cash for Junk Cars

If you are trying to sell a damaged car, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Equally true is that it is extremely difficult to find interested buyers to give you cash for your junk car.

To sell your damaged car for top dollars, you should know the right time to do so. You should consider the following factors to help you take the right decision-

The Car Maintenance and Repair Costs

When your car is in good running condition, the maintenance costs are low. But as the car ages, the maintenance costs relatively go up. There are transmission problems and faulty electrical systems that need maintenance and repairs over time. An engine lasts for an average of 200,000 to 250,000 miles after which it needs replacement. You can make a list of repairs needed and the average cost of each repair. It would get easier for you to get an estimated cost of repairs. You can then decide whether to fix your car or sell it.

The Worth of your Damaged Car

No matter how damaged your car is, at the time of selling you want maximum cash. It is important to get the worth of your car to know its reliability. There are many online value calculators to find out the value of your junk car. The fastest way to calculate the worth of your damaged car is filling out Junk the Car Quote.

Who Picks Up Junk Cars for Cash

It is easier to calculate the value of your junk car than finding out its buyers. Sometimes, the repairs can cost you thousands of dollars. After spending so much on its repairs, you want the maximum value for your junk car. Since there are no private buyers interested in buying your damaged car, you can trust us.

Sell your Damaged Car Online

It gets easier to sell your damaged car online with our free pick up of junk cars anywhere in the USA. By requesting a quote from us, you have the leverage of getting the best price. You can find the worth of your junk car in no time and get guaranteed cash for it.

You can still search for other local junk car buyers before choosing us to sell your junk car. Once you accept our offer, we come to your place to pick up your junk car for cash. We pick up junk cars within 48 hours and pay you cash instantly.

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