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When selling a damaged car, the most important thing is to find a place that can offer you a satisfactory deal for your damaged car. The car owners usually do not know where they can sell their damaged cars for cash.

To make it easy for the owners we have mentioned some places where they can easily sell their damaged cars for cash:

  1. Car Traders:

    The car dealerships might not give very high value for the damaged car, but it is quite convenient for the sellers to approach them. If the car has damages that can be easily repaired by spending a little bit of money then the sellers should go for it first before approaching a car trader. This will help in getting a better price for the damaged car. You can also trade in your damaged car for a new one at the car dealerships. 

  2. Junkyards:

    One can also approach local junkyards to sell their damaged cars for cash. The junkyards strip off the car and take out the metal from it which is utilized to make new products. The junkyards only pay for the scrap metal in your car and this price totally depends on the scrap metal value at that time. Even if your car has some parts which are totally fine and technologically sound then also you cannot expect an extra amount from a junkyard. It is better to remove the valuable car parts before selling a damaged car to the junkyard. You can sell these car parts individually for more money afterward.

  3. An individual buyer:

    There are people who buy damaged cars and sell them further to a junkyard or a car dealership. You can easily find these individual buyers online. So, if the seller does not want to trouble themselves looking for places that buy damaged cars and are fine with a bit lower value, the individual buyer will offer then they can opt for this option. 

  4. Car parts buyer:

    If you think that your damaged car still has components that are in good condition then you can sell the parts individually to a car parts buyer, or you can sell them the whole car. 

 sell a damaged car for cash

Options to sell damaged car online 

The sellers want easy and hassle-free options for selling damaged cars for cash and the internet has made it possible. There are various options available online for selling a damaged car and these are as follows:

  1. The sellers can post ads on classified websites
  2. The sellers can contact the online car buying companies 


Why irreparably damaged cars are better to sell then keeping?

A car that is damaged to such an extent that the repair cost of the car is quite higher than its actual cost for which it can be sold then it is good to get rid of it as soon as possible. Dumping your damaged car just somewhere is not at all a good option because it has harmful metals and fluids which are not good for the environment at all. When you sell such an enormously damaged car you take a step towards keeping the environment safe and also you get cash for it which is not bad at all. Keeping a highly damaged car makes no sense at all as its condition is only going to deteriorate with time plus till the time you will not sell it; it will keep occupying space in your house.  

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