Sell car for scrap immediately if you have one lying in your garage. Scrap car buyers can pay you top dollar for your car even if it’s damaged. Their business is not to drive your car, rather, they dismantle your car, separate the metal parts and then melt them to form new products. As such, your car’s condition is never an issue for them. You don’t need to carry out formal procedures to get rid of the car and therefore, it is the most hassle-free option for you. Besides, they pay you in cash. That’s the best part. You get the money in hand which you can spend on something useful.

What would I gain if I scrap my car?

Cleaning your garage

A junk rusty car creates a lot of mess in your garage as it leaks toxic fluids and gases. Besides, the pipes get rusted which flakes out on the ground. When you sell your car, you get a lot of space in your garage and you can clean it easily.

Avoiding disposal costs

Taking your car to the disposal site will incur some cost. However, the scrap car buyers manage the disposal work themselves relieving the owner from any liabilities. Also, in this way you can save the environment. The buyers know the disposal sites and ensure that the scrap parts do not degrade the surroundings.

Types of scrap car buyers

Broadly, three kinds of scrap car buyers can pay you a decent amount of money:

Individual buyers

These are usually car enthusiasts who buy damaged cars at low prices and then get them modified as per their choice. These buyers are looking out for vintage car owners and readily accept their preferred price. They are the best option to sell your car. However, since these types of owners are few, it’s a bit difficult to find them.

Junkyard shops

 These are dedicated shops that scrap your car for cash. They get the metal parts dismantled and dispose of the remaining parts. These metal parts are then melted to form new products. These buyers are easy to locate. You can either visit them personally or put up an online advertisement. An interested buyer would then contact you with their offers.

Professional dealers

If you don’t have enough time to devote, then you can contact professional dealers who help you in getting a profitable deal. They have strong networks in the market and help you reach out to potential buyers in no time.

How can I get the best value when I scrap my car?

Acquire relevant knowledge

You don’t sell a car for scrap every day. It’s only once or twice in your lifetime. As such, you don’t have sufficient knowledge to deal with experienced buyers. Therefore, you must make some effort to gather relevant information about the market for used cars. You can search websites which provide such details and go through them once. With a basic understanding of the industry, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the buyers.

Check buyers’ identity before you sell car for scrap

Be sure with whom you are negotiating. There is a chance that you end up dealing with a scammer. They are highly seasoned, and won’t let you know their intentions. Initially, they would lure with false offers, and then dupe you of your money.

Put the selling price higher

Buyers tend to negotiate. They try to bring down the price. It is in their nature. As it might get difficult for you to persuade them on your desired price, you can keep the selling price slightly higher. This would give you a margin to play with.

How to negotiate with scrap car buyers?

Though you can’t learn the art of negotiation in one day, you can still be effective if you take care of the following points:

Explore buyers

Be patient when you sell car for scrap. Don’t rush into the deal. Sit back and evaluate them. Scroll their website, read their content and client reviews. This would be enough to make out whether they are genuine or not. Besides, during your communication, make sure that the buyers have provided all the relevant information and laid down all the terms and conditions of the deal. If they hesitate to reveal any information, then there is a high chance that they might be scammers.

Do car valuation

Knowing the value of your will help you a lot. Especially when negotiating with the buyers. Usually, they try to manipulate you by providing fake offers. They know that the owners do not have sufficient information and can be fooled easily.

Accept cash payment

Getting paid is the most important part when you sell car for scrap, because that’s what you have been waiting for. If you don’t get the whole amount, then there is no point in putting so much effort. Usually, most of the owners are in a hurry to sell cars for scrap, and therefore accept any offer put forward by the buyers. The buyers ask to pay the partial amount at the time of delivery and promise to pay the remaining amount in instalments. However, such buyers seldom show up in future leaving the owner frustrated. Also, some buyers tend to pay in a check. But there is no assurance whether the check will be cleared or not. Therefore, to be on the safer side, always ask the buyer to pay you the entire amount in cash and on the spot.

Benefits of car valuation

If you have a prior idea about your car’s price, you can easily negotiate with the scrap car buyers. It becomes easy for you to make out whether an offer is genuine or not. Also, you can get an idea about the credibility of the buyers. If you feel that the offer is not what the market is offering, you can be sure that the buyer is trying to dupe you.

Concluding work

Don’t get too complacent once you have received the money from the buyer. You still have some work to do. Contact your insurance company and ask them to cancel your future instalments. Also, inform the local department of motorcycle and get your registration cancelled to remove all your liabilities with the car.

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