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Oil and other fluid leakages are some of the most common problems that car owners must contend with regularly. This is especially true if your vehicle is old or if you bought it pretty worn down in the first place.

If you notice any suspicious leakages or even a stain, puddle, or splotch of any mechanical liquid underneath your vehicle, it’s best to get it checked out by a professional. If it turns out to be an engine oil leak, you need to get it repaired immediately, as it can lead to significant engine problems if left unattended.

An engine oil leak is a serious problem because this fluid plays a crucial role in oiling the different engine components and reducing the friction between its moving parts. It can jeopardize the entire system as the leaking liquid results in increased friction, higher temperatures, increased wear and tear, etc.

What is Engine Oil?

engine oil leak

Engine oil is a lubricating fluid used to cool down and increase the lifespan of your vehicle’s internal combustion engine. It does so by evenly coating the different working parts of the engine and reducing friction when they work. Engine oil also helps clean the machine automatically and prevents sludge deposition.

Different vehicles use various types of engine oils, including:

  • Synthetic oil and oil blends
  • High mileage oil
  • Conventional oil

To keep your car in good running condition, you must keep changing your engine oil regularly. You can go through your car maintenance manual to learn when to change your engine oil.

Now, let’s look at some early signs and symptoms your car may exhibit when there’s an oil leak.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Engine Oil Leak

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In most cases, an engine oil leak is caused by a broken seal or gasket. It’s best to get an oil leak repaired immediately; otherwise, it can cause significant damage to your engine and even wear down your gears.

Here are a few early warning signs of an engine oil leak you need to watch out for:

  • You may observe or check for oil leakage while changing or refueling the oil.
  • Sometimes you may notice a few oil stains when parking your car or pulling out into the driveway.
    • You may hear loud grinding noise when different parts of the engine scrape against each other due to a lack of lubrication caused by the oil leak.
  • A burning smell coming from the engine is another primary indicator of an oil leak or a sign that there’s something else wrong with your automotive.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair An Engine Oil Leak? 

The cost of repairing an oil leak depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • the complexity and magnitude of the leak
  • your location
  • the mechanic’s cost
  • the vehicle’s make and model

The cost of repairing an oil leak is usually somewhere between $100 to $2,000 or more. This high rate is due to the labor involved in identifying the source of an oil leak, the leak’s location, damaged engine parts, etc. The type of car you drive also has an impact on the repair costs.

However, just keep in mind that the moment you notice oil leaking through the engine seals, you need to take action and fix the problem immediately.

Is it Smarter to Sell Your Car Instead? 

This article has shown you how to check for early signs of an engine oil leak and why it’s so important to get it fixed at once. However, the damage to your car engine can sometimes be too expensive to fix.

engine pistons and crankshaft oilside view of mechanic checking car oil level

So, as a car owner, what’s the smarter decision? Keep your car and spend a fortune on engine repairs or sell it in its current state for cash?

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