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If you want to sell junk cars without a title, You can contact any company or get a junkyard for it. However, it’s illegal to sell a junk car without the title in many states, but there are ways by which you can deal with them with alternative paperwork.

You must remember that if you’ve bought your car with the help of a bank, you are not the car’s owner. To sell the vehicle, you must acquire ownership by contacting the bank. After getting the ownership, you can sell junk cars without a title.

Having ownership of the car gives you the right to sell the vehicle. If you have the car’s title, it gives your vehicle more worth. But if you don’t have the title, you can still sell junk cars to junk yards or SellYourOldCarNow.

Junkyards buy your cars not to resell them but they purchase them to dismantle and repurpose the parts of the vehicle.

What to Do with Your Old Car?

What to do with your old car? You must think about it when your car is sitting idle in your garage. You can get some monetary value from your old vehicle in several ways.

  • Selling it to SellYourOldCarNow
  • Selling it to any Junkyard
  • Dismantling it and selling its different parts to different people


Selling it to SellYourOldCarNow 

SellYourOldCarNow is a company that buys your old car from you. They have been in business for a long time, and they provide hassle-free services to their customers.
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  • Selling it to Junkyard.

Junkyards are also a good option when you sell junk car without title. They often take old cars which do not have any titles. It’s also the best option when living in an area surrounded by wrecking yards.
When you are selling old cars to junkyards, you can sell them in two ways. You can sell the vehicle directly to the junkyard or separately sell different parts, like its engine and tyres.
How much do junkyards pay

  • Sell it by dismantling it.

Selling your old vehicle by dismantling it yourself is also a better option. When you sell your junk cars with different parts to different buyers, you may receive more than when you sell junk cars without title to a junkyard.
dismantled car

What does a Car Title Signify?

When we talk about a “Car Title” then, we refer to a legal document that establishes the ownership of the vehicle. The state issues the “Car Title,” where the buying/selling of the vehicle takes place.
One has to reissue it whenever one switches the state of residence or the buying/selling a vehicle takes place. In layman’s terms, we can say that a “Car Title” is like a vehicle birth certificate with the following details.

  • Information regarding the identity of the vehicle
  • Name & address of the owner
  • Date when the title is issued
  • Reading of the Odometer (How much the vehicle has covered the road)
  • Outstanding (if any financier is involved in the purchase process)
  • Signatures of the respective buyer, seller, and representative of the state


What if You don’t have a Car Title? 

The title is essential when selling junk cars without a title. You can still sell your old vehicle if you’ve lost your car title. Junkyards accept some documents other than a car title when you try to sell your old vehicle.

Documents Which One Can Use in Place of Title 

In case you’re not having a car title and want to sell your junk car without a title. Then there are other documents through which you can prove the ownership of your car.

  • Valid Registration Papers-

    When you’re trying to sell junk car without title to the junkyards, you may need registration papers to prove your ownership of your vehicle.

  • Valid Drivers License-

    Most junk yards also accept a valid driver’s license in place of a Car Title. Driver’s license assures the junkyard owner about the seller’s identity.


Where Can You Sell Junk Cars without Title? 

When you’re thinking about selling your junk car without a title, the first thing that comes to mind is who will buy it or where to sell it. If you have the registration and license of your car, then you can sell it to the junkyards.

Don’t want to give your beloved car to the junkyard? Then “SellYourOldCarNow” is a company where you can sell junk cars without a title. Some companies buy your vehicles, but they do not take your car from point A to point B, but “SellYourOldCarNow” gives you free of cost pickup & drop service regarding the pickup of your vehicle.

How to Sell Junk Car without Title to SellYourOldCarNow

While searching to sell junk cars without title, one can get tired of searching for valid buyers across various websites or junkyards. Many companies & junkyards may seem like a better option for your old vehicle, but often they quote a very low price for them, and in some cases, they assume you will take the car to their doorstep.

Here SellYourOldCarNow comes into play. It not only gives you a considerable amount for your vehicle but also provides a free pickup & drop facility.

  • You can avail of our services by connecting with us over the phone at “800-455-4241”. Our services are available 24/7 over the phone.
  • After collecting the information about your vehicle, we offer a reasonable price. If you agree to our offer, our agent will pick up the car from your doorstep.
  • After you agree to the offer, our agent will personally verify the vehicle’s details at your doorstep. After confirming the details, we’ll give you an instant cash payment.

If you’re from the United States, “SellYourOldCarNow” can be the best option for selling your junk car. You can contact them by filling out the form or emailing them at You can also call them at their 24*7 contact number, 800-455-4241.