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The fact that we can sell our damaged cars for cash online is quite relaxing for us. Opting online means to sell a car helps us to save our time and effort to commute to various places to get a good quote for our car. Although selling damaged cars online through ad posting or contacting a car buying company has made our lives easier but this ground is more prone to the scams. So, before finalizing the deal with someone one should be very cautious in order to avoid danger and scams.

According to a report, a large number of car sellers who posted online ads for their cars were targeted by a scam in the Chicago area. The sellers were given bad checks for their cars by the buyers. There are many more instances of this kind of scam. This does not mean that you cannot avoid these scams. The seller should have full information about the buyer and should receive the payment for the car through a secured channel.  

Things to keep in mind before selling damaged cars:


Best Place To Sell Junk Car

Know your buyer

It is very important to know the company or individual to whom you are selling your damaged car for cash. If they are cheats then they might not provide you any information about their whereabouts. If the buyer asks you some unusual thing, you can wait to get another buyer.  Take as much information about the buyer as you can and try to verify it through social media and from offline platforms. You should also ask them for their contact number and tell them a specific time when you will talk to them. Doing so will make the scammers disappear from the scenario.

Take cash from the buyer instead of a check

Usually, the online scams take advantage by sending a financing request beforehand to the seller. The seller becomes happy to get the check and without thinking ships the car to send it to the buyer, and afterward when he goes to the bank and deposits the check, the check bounces. Only accept the payment by cash from the buyer. If the buyer insists you take the check then ask them to meet at the bank and verify it there.

Do not be over eager to finalize the deal if you are being offered a good amount by the buyer

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The scammers are clever and they easily understand that you are quite eager to close the deal as you are impressed by the money they are offering you. You will try to get the money fast and here is where the scammer will take advantage to cheat. Remember that a genuine buyer will ask you questions about the car and also might bargain for the car price.

Meet or approach the buyer in a safe area

Never agree to meet the buyer in a not so busy place. Try meeting at places which are under CCTV surveillance. If you cannot find a proper place which has video surveillance, try meeting the buyer in a busy and well-lit public place. Same things should be kept in mind if you are approaching the buyer.

Do not get emotionally involved

the scammers try to gain the sympathy of the sellers by telling them stories which might be emotional. Do not go with the flow, slow yourself down and think again before proceeding with the sale.

The best way to sell a junk car is through online means as it requires less effort and time. Moreover, the seller does not have to spend money on visiting places to find the best place to sell a junk car. If you are planning to sell your car online then visit It is the car buying company that makes the process of selling the junk car easier, secured and profitable for its customers. The company has over 400 offices in the US and is credited with an  A+ BBB rating.